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 Large user base
Many corporate IBM OS/2 users all over the world have become eCS customers.

“eCS 2.1 in many ways is the best version I have ever come upon. I used or use all versions from eCS 1.0 and OS/2 since version 2.1. My compliments for these achievements! !”

Hans von Mangoldt

eCS/2 allows IBM OS/2 users to keep runnning existing programs on today's hardware. eComStation allows IBM OS/2 users to keep runnning existing programmes on today's hardware. 

Up to date hardware compatibility
eCS/2 supports readily available PC hardware out of the box, enabling you to keep using your legacy OS/2 applications.

  Additional benefits:
Runs your OS/2 applications up to 10 times faster

Due to its' improved filesystem eCS/2 runs your applications up to 10 times faster than OS/2 Warp.

Plug and Play network connectivity
eCS/2 supports many networks environments, including Samba, Novell Netware, Token Ring etc.

Some of our customers

Alstom, Germany
Belgacom, Belgium
Boeing, USA
Bowe, Bell + Howell, USA
Canadian Coast Guard, Canada
Caterpillar, Singapore
Colgate Palmolive, USA
Fujitsu, Japan
IBM Global services, USA
Johnson & Johnson, USA
Max Planck Institut, Germany
Michelin, France
Norwich Union, UK
OCE BV, The Netherlands
Qatar Petroleum, Qatar
Siemens AG, Germany
Stanford University, UK
Trustco Bank, USA
US Postal Services, USA
Universal Instruments Corp, USA
VMware, Inc., USA
Whirlpool Corporation, USA

Windows-like user interface
eCS/2 optionally adds usability enhancements and custom controls to the user interface, which makes users feel right at home.

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