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e-ball Awards 2009

Results of the e-ball Awards 2009!

The winners of the e-ball Awards 2009 have been announced at Warpstock Europe 2009 and these are the results:

Best eComStation Application

  • 3.x (1st)
  • PMViewPro (2nd)
  • DVD/CD Toys (3rd)
Best WorkPlaceShell Application
  • NeoWPS + Sunny icons (1st)
  • WPS Wizard (2nd)
  • DragText (3rd)
Best eComStation Utility
  • DFSee (1st)
  • Virtual Keyboard/2 (2nd)
  • Samba (3rd)
Best eComStation Driver
  • Uniaud (1st)
  • eCUPS (2nd)
  • APC monitor (3rd)
Best eComStation Developer Tool
  • Qt4 app framework (1st)
  • GCC 4.4.0 (2nd)
  • wdsibyl (3rd)
Best eComStation Game
  • Qt4 fun package (1st)
  • OpenTTD (2nd)
  • ScummVM (3rd)
Best Student Tool
  • Python (1st)
  • PMViewMol3D (2nd)
  • teTeX (3rd)
Best eComStation Website
  • OS/2 World (1st)
  • (2nd)
  • (3rd)

This competition is aimed at promoting new projects, support beginning developers and animating the life of the community.

For an overview with links, dsecription and screenshots please visit: e-ball Awards nominations at

The list of winners can be found here: e-ball Awards winners

[This is a joint program of eCo Software and Mensys BV intended to promote the use of eComStation]

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