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eComStation IRC Network Explained
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What is IRC?

IRC is an abbreviation of Internet Relay Chat and enables you to communicate in realtime with other people on the Internet. In this case, the eComStation IRC channel is of course intended to discuss the topic of the eComStation Operating System. You can find an extensive explanation on

IRC Clients

You can find a number of suitable eComStation and OS/2 IRC clients on Hobbes


Besides using one of the 'real' IRC clienst, you can use some other ways to connect to the eComStation IRC network; Mozilla or Thunderbird users can use Chatzilla to access the eCS Channel. Alternatively you can use this Java Applet.
The Java applet has been succesfully tested with Netscape 4.61 for OS/2, Opera for OS/2, Warpzilla for OS/2 and the IBM Browser for OS/2. If you don't have an OS/2 box handy and you want to connect, it also has been tested with Netscape 6.2 and Internet Explorer 5.5 under Windows 2000.

eComStation IRC Network

This is a list of the International eComStation IRC network servers. They all run on either eComStation or OS/2. If you are interested in running your own IRC server, please contact: MaxWarp (


  • port 6667 (International Hub)
  • port 6667 (2nd International Hub)


  • 6667


  • 6667
  • 6667


  • 6667


  • 6667
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