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eComStation Demo CD

eComStation Demo CD

Download Demo CD This demo will run directly form CD, when inserted in the CD player of the computer. It will not touch the harddrive in any way, but instead run entirely in RAM memory. This enables the user to evaluate the eComStation product easily, without having to having to modify their system.
The demo CD is able to detect and configure a possible network adapter, so the user will be able to access the Internet directly from the CD. If no supported network adapter is found, it is possible to use a modem connection to dial-in to the Internet.
For web browsing, Firefox is provided and a demo version of Pixel for eComStation is available for a testdrive!

A beta version of the Demo CD based on eComStation 2.2 is now available.

Download the Demo CD!
If you already tried the eComStation Demo CD you are welcome to leave us some comments!

System Requirements

Due to the nature of this demo CD, running entirely in RAM, the requirements are a bit steeper than the ususal eComStation requirements:
  • minimum of 160 MB of system memory (RAM)
  • Boot from CD supported in system BIOS
  • High speed CD player is preferred
  • Network card for Internet access
  • alternatively an external modem
  • Booting from anything other than CD (i.e. USB memorystick) is not supported

You can find a list of hardware supported by the demo version here as well as the normal system requirements of eComStation

More information:

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» Supported Hardware

» eComStation 1.2 Product Sheet (PDF)

Some of our customers:

Alstom Transport Limited
Bowe, Bell + Howell
Canadian Coastguard
Colgate Palmolive
Fujitsu Japan
Johnson & Johnson
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Max Planck Institut
Norwich Union
OCE Technologies BV
Qatar Petroleum
Siemens AG
Stanford University
Trustco Bank
US Postal Services
Universal Instruments Corp
VMware, Inc.
Whirlpool Corporation


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