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System Requirements
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eComStation system requirements

In order to succesfully install eComStation 1.1 or eComStation 1.2 please take in consideration these minimun and recommended minimum system requirements:

Minimum Recommended
CPU Intel Pentium 133 MHz or equivalent (including Intel Celeron, PIII, P4 and AMD K6, Athlon and Duron processors) Any modern CPU will do, but the higher the speed the more responsive your system will be. Intel P4 HT processors are supported, but eCS will not be able to detect it as a dual cpu setup in all cases.
Memory 48 MB (absolute minimum required for installation from CD)

When starting the installation by booting from floppydisk, the minimum amount of RAM is 32 MB

A practical minimum amount of memory is 64 MB but your system will operate considerably better when more than 64 MB memory is installed. In short: install as much memory as you can in your system. 4 GB is the maximum supported amount.
Video PCI VGA video card with at least 512 kB memory. AGP video board supported by Scitech Display Doctor. See for a full list of supported adapters.
Drivespace 500 MB When selecting more options in the installer, more drivespace is required. A practical working size is 1 GB.
Mouse Any PS/2, serial or USB mouse A PS/2 mouse is recommended for best performance.
CD drive IDE or SCSI CD-ROM drive an IDE or SCSI CD rom or DVD player with boot capability supported in the BIOS to ease the installation process.

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eComStation 1.1 is an OS2 World.Com Award Winner 2002!

eComStation 1.2 is an OS2 World.Com Award Winner 2004!
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