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eComStation Demo CD Download
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Interested in eComStation? Try the Demo CD!

You can request a free downloadable Demo CD version from this page, we will send you an email with download instructions instantly.

Please select which language version you would like to download below:

eComStation Demo CD version 2.2 BETA en_US
English version of the eComStation 2.2 Demo CD

What is the eComStation Demo CD ?

The eComStation Demo CD is a way to demonstrate the look and feel of the eComStation desktop.
It will boot directly from CD and cannot be installed onto harddrive, it runs entirely in system memory.
Another popular name for this approach is "Live CD" (like Knoppix for example).
The advantage is that your current system will remain untouched, the disadvantage is that the memory
requirements are quite steep (at least 160 MB of system memory).
The normal version of eComStation can be installed on computers with at least 64 MB of memory.
(see System Requirements).
You can find a review of the eComStation Demo CD at ToastyTech

Please note

The eComStation 2.2 BETA Demo CD enables you to test if eComStation 2.2 will work on your hardware. You can enable SMP support in the 'menu for own settings', however, this may not work under all conditions. The retail product does not exhibit this problem and will properly support multiple CPU cores on SMP systems.
The only supported virtual machines for this Demo CD are Parallels Desktop and Microsoft Virtual PC.

Download ?

The download size of the CD is around 70 MB, and contains an ISO file that you need to burn onto CD-Rom (instructions (PDF))
If you prefer to purchase the CD instead of downloading it, please visit the Mensys Online Shop

Can I hand the Demo CD out to friends or colleagues ?

Yes, you are allowed to copy and distribute this Demo CD as long as you do not charge money for it, other than a
compensation for the cost of duplication.
It is not allowed to distribute the CD over the Internet, instead, please refer to
If you want to include the Demo CD with a magazine, or otherwise distribute it on large scale, please contact us.

Will you release a version that can be installed on harddrive ?

No, the intention of the Demo CD is not to allow installation on your computer. If you are a corporate user and are
seriously interested in evaluating eComStation, you can contact sales and request an evaluation copy of eComStation.

Interesting, can I purchase eComStation ?

Yes, of course! Please select Where to buy for a reseller close to you.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Your demo CD has a limited set of applications on it, why is that ?
A1: Our demo CD has been under development for some time. It is the first version of the demo CD released to the genereal public (not bundled with a computer magazine). We have been getting many questions from people that wanted to test eComStation on their computer.
Future releases of the Demo CD will hold more applications to show the capabilities of eComStation.

Q2: I'm having a problem with the demo CD, for example it will not start.
A2: Look in manual.txt that can be found in the ZIP file of the demo CD or look in the root directory of the CD that you have burned.

Q3: The networkcard support in the demo CD seems to be good. But where is the support for wireless network cards ?
A3: A wireless driver that will support most the wireless chipsets that are on the market will be released soon. As stated in manual.txt we will release new versions of the demo CD with more drivers and applications.

Q4: I tried to start eComStation in a Virtual Machine like Qemu or Vmware but it does not work ?
A4: The only supported virtual machines for this Demo CD are Parallels Desktop and Microsoft Virtual PC.

Q5: Will eComStation run on an AMD Athlon 64 ?
A5: Yes it will, but it will not utilize the 64 bit extensions. But thanks to the highly optimized kernel of eComStation it will run VERY fast!

Q6: Why do you request my email address in order to download the Demo CD ?
A6: We would like to be able to contact you about future updates and offers for eComStation. Of course you can opt-out when you are no longer interested.

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eComStation 1.1 is an OS2 World.Com Award Winner 2002!

eComStation 1.2 is an OS2 World.Com Award Winner 2004!
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