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eComStation e-Ball theme for Mozilla
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This package contains version 1.0.4 of the "eCS e-Ball" theme for Mozilla. This theme was created by Paul Jarvinen (

This theme was originally based on the Lopburi Flat theme created by Isriya Paireepairit ( and combines the "e-Ball" and "Small e-Ball" themes created by Paul Jarvinen.

This theme is compatible with Mozilla 1.5b.

To install the theme, open the file "install.html" using Mozilla version 1.5b and follow the instructions.

To install the splash screen, rename the file "e-zilla*.bmp" to "mozilla.bmp" and place in the same directory as mozilla.exe.

e-zilla2d.bmp is a cartoon style splash screen with the Mozilla Rex and the eComStation logo for Mozilla 1.5.

e-zilla3d.bmp is a 3D rendered splash screen with the Mozilla Rex and the eComStation logo for Mozilla 1.5.

"eComStation" is a trademark of Serenity Systems International. The eCS "e-Ball" graphic is a trademark of Serenity Systems International.

"Mozilla" is a trademark of Netscape Communications Corporation.

The "Red Dinosaur" (referred to as 'Mozilla Rex') in e-zilla2d.bmp is from the party poster of 1998 created by Shepard Fairey of BLK/MRKT INC.

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Alstom Transport Limited
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Canadian Coastguard
Colgate Palmolive
Fujitsu Japan
Johnson & Johnson
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Max Planck Institut
Norwich Union
OCE Technologies BV
Qatar Petroleum
Siemens AG
Stanford University
Trustco Bank
US Postal Services
Universal Instruments Corp
VMware, Inc.
Whirlpool Corporation


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