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DFSee MAJOR version 14.0 released!

December 18, 2016 by

DFSee version 14.0 has been released, with new functionality and several fixes.

It is a MAJOR release, and the first to offer a filemanager-like BROWSE dialog
giving very easy to use access to file viewing, editing and copying/recovery.
The BROWSE functionailty is implemented for FAT, ExFAT, NTFS, JFS, HPFS and EXT3/4

Also for the first time there is DIRECT access to DFSee compressed images (.IMZ)
including BROWSING the filesystems in that image, this is a user-friendly way
to restore individual file(s) out of such an aimage, making them more suitable
to use as a partition backup method.

Then it lets you mount VirtualBox .VDI disk images as a disk inside DFSee,
so you can use partitioning functions or access the partitions and filesystems
in them without the need to start a virtual machine.

Of course, as usual, there are also many smaller improvements and bug fixes.

DFSee is a very powerful disk-utility with disk partitioning,
filesystem and disk analysis, file recovery/UNDELETE and
smart imaging or cloning of partitions or complete disks.

This being a major release, it will require an upgrade if you currently
have a registration for an older version:

Note: Keys sold from October 7th, 2016 onwards, are valid with version 14.x!


More details at:

Direct download links from the DFSee website:

Or from the HOBBES website:
or (after processing):


Functional changes since 13.4

- ACCEL: Changed accelerator keys: F6=Open partition; F9=Browse
- AL: Low-level display/set individual FS allocation bits (bitmap)
- Added compacter RLE-2 and Smart-2 compression types for IMZ images
- BROWSE (Mode=FDISK): Support optional start PATH for selected PID
- BROWSE-Copy: Warning-popup if file allocation is not 100% reliable
- BROWSE-Copy: Warning popup on DIR copy, incl. 'do not ask again'
- BROWSE-Dialog: pops up an Actions menu, with edit, copy etc
- BROWSE-Dialog: Copy/Recover works on multiple (marked) files
- BROWSE-Dialog: Ctrl-BACKSLASH changes current list Dir to 'ROOT'
- BROWSE-Dialog: Ctrl-F/Alt-[ marks all Files, Ctrl-G/Alt-] all Dirs
- BROWSE-Dialog: Support (same-length) file-rename for JFS and HPFS
- BROWSE-Dialog: filter-popup, HEX-edit on file-contents or I/Fnode
- BROWSE-Dialog: multi marking with / + show #marked
- BROWSE-Dialog: selected file Copy/Recover from list with
- BROWSE-Dialog: selected file/dir available after exit (Enter key)
- BROWSE/HEXEDIT: New generic FS-function writing resident/meta data
- BROWSE/HEXEDIT: Support edit/view of resident data (like NTFS MFT)
- BROWSE/LIST -f: Fix alloc-OK percentage for files over 10Gb size
- BROWSE: 'View OS/2 EA or Xattr on a File/Dir' in context menu
- BROWSE: 40% faster startup on JFS (Build name/parent cache only)
- BROWSE: Add FsMakeBrowseList for: EXTn, JFS, FAT, EXFAT, HPFS, NTFS
- BROWSE: Add item-type B/F/D to list/recover/browse select strings
- BROWSE: Added description for initial browse-contents, BROWSE xxx
- BROWSE: Added help-screens for the dialog, and the help-menu
- BROWSE: Automatic add 'dotdot' directory to MakeBrowsList on EXFAT
- BROWSE: Base implementation of the BROWSE dialog works, no actions
- BROWSE: Defined generic directory BROWSE command, accelerator
- BROWSE: Descr delfind/filefind on HPFS, NTFS, JFS, FAT, EXFAT, EXT
- BROWSE: File-Contents support in: JFS, NTFS, EXT, FAT, EXFAT, HPFS
- BROWSE: Filesize (dotted - 999Tb): JFS, EXT, HPFS, NTFS, FAT, EXFAT
- BROWSE: Filter shortname (8.3) names from NTFS, reverse with -8.3
- BROWSE: Modify-time in stringinfo: JFS, EXTx, HPFS, EXFAT, FAT, NTFS
- BROWSE: Support in FileInfo() to return two file information strings
- CLONE-dialog: changed default modus to 'smart' cloning, faster
- CLONE/IMAGE: Much better ETA estimation when using SMART logic
- CLONE: Improved throughput with SMART (smaller buffer, more ZERO)
- CMDS: Expression brackets now must be double {{expr}}, not single
- CR:/BMGR install: Popup message for missing bmgr-IMG or MBR code
- CR: Honor '-align-' switch to force PRIMARY start within 1st track
- DARWIN: Added 42 Alt+ sequences to MAC OSX keyboard handler
- DISK: Changed '-i' option to '-std' for industry-std driveletters
- EDIT: -v:view 0=HEX, 1=DISASM, 2=ASCII, 9=AUTO (9 is default now)
- EDIT: Default to HEX mode when current sector is an MBR or EBR
- EDIT: File CONTENTS: support write-back with rsn->lsn translation
- EDIT: Restrict min/max sector when editing file CONTENTS (browse)
- EXFAT: Create Directory-Parent cache on Init (Open) for BROWSE ..
- EXTn: Support recovery of directories and files with inlined data
- FINDPATH: Add display of filesize from DIR-entry, when available
- FsFileInfo filter on item-type on HPFS, NTFS, JFS, FAT, EXFAT, EXT
- HELP: Better help-on-help selection in entry-field and menu-bar
- HELP: Better help-on-help selection in entry-field and menu-bar
- HEXEDIT/Ascii: = Toggle display of offsets on start of line
- HEXEDIT/Ascii: = Style: Rough/Clean and optional split lines
- HEXEDIT/Ascii: = Minimum length of 'strings' in ascii filter
- HEXEDIT/Ascii: Add filesize and name to title, when available
- HEXEDIT/Ascii: Clear excess area in last file sector(s) to zeroes
- HEXEDIT/Ascii: Preserve empty lines in pure ASCII files better
- HEXEDIT: = alternate-view: Disassemply, Ascii; auto select
- HEXEDIT: Support 'sparse' file extents (NTFS, JFS) on file editing
- IMAGE-dialog: changed default image type to 'smart-compressed'
- IMAGE: -x option and Dialog checkbox to generate XMZ INDEX too
- IMAGE: New '-8' option to create DFSee V13.x compatible IMZ images
- IMZ: Automatic generation of .XMZ indexfile for faster browsing
- IMZ: Fixed passing of correct accessInfo pointer (broken by VDI)
- IMZ: new command to BROWSE an partition/disk IMZ compressed image
- JFS: Show Total- versus Volume-Blocks as seperate values on open
- L-Geo: From MBR table: Linear-Offset more important than CHS-end
- LIST -S: Show sectorlist (files) as info-strings needed for BROWSE
- LIST -r: Show sectorlist in cluster range format (for bad sectors)
- LISTSET: Set (range of) sectornumbers in sectorlist, optional clear
- Low-level handling for IMZ compressed images as IM or DISK object
- MENU: Add BROWSE to Action menu, and to FS-specific recovery menus
- MENU: Only enable direct directory-browsing when supported by FS
- MENU: 'Browse/Recover Deleted Files' for HPFS, NTFS and JFS (Expert)
- MENU: 'Open (partition) imagefile' to basic menu, for image browse
- MENU: Added 'Browse IMZ compressed image' to open+browse an image
- MENU: Added two more 'Edit Sector' variants: HEX and Text/Strings
- MENU: Help -> Keyboard usage overviewt; DFSee/TxWindows modules
- MENU: File->Mount/Unmount/Display disks->VirtualBox disk image
- MENU: File->Open a VDI (VBox) diskimage; Open Base/Snapshot VDI
- MENU: FORMAT: No errors/warnings on part-select before the format
- MENU: Moved 8 DFSee operational settings into an Edit submenu
- MENU: 'Image' menu with operations on IMAGES (from File/Actions)
- Mode=FDISK made startup default; Support BROWSE (partitions) cmd
- NTFS: Implemented WriteMetaSpace for resident data (small files)
- OpenFile dialog + options added to 'im' (open-imagefile) command
- PART: -P option to select partition from popup menu, add help/sort
- PART: Major WARNINGs in yellow, ERRORs in red, make them stand out
- RECOVER: Cleanup of interfaces, return full recovery-path to caller
- RECOVER: Discard-path, Force-8.3, Unique-name options in dialogs
- RECOVER: Reduce file 'SaveAs' output to a single line, from BROWSE
- RESTORE/IMZ-index: Better ETA estimation based on fileposition
- SAVEAS: FAT file recovery: Include saving OS/2 EAs (OS/2 version)
- SAVEAS: JFS file recovery: Include saving OS/2 EAs (OS/2 version)
- SAVEAS: Statusline progress reporting on COPY of files over 1Mb
- SAVEAS: Support 'sparse' file extents (NTFS, JFS) on file copying
- SLT: Fixed formatting issue with JFS/NTFS single line display
- STARTUP: Reorder commands to show errors/major warnings at the end
- Switch: -floppy includes diskettes in volumelists (slower startup)
- TXLIB: Changed expression brackets from single {expr} to double {{expr}}
- TXLIB: FILEDLG: Revert to 'last-known-good' DIR on inaccessible directory
- TXLIB: FILEDLG: Show file-window too in 'directory select' dialog as well
- TXLIB: FileOpenForWrite for generic open write/append, incl. large files
- TXLIB: INSERT key specific to class (toggle in Entry, mark in List)
- TXLIB: Introduced 3 alternative text-colors for selection-lists (BROWSE)
- TXLIB: List Mark, */=/Ctrl-A = ALL, Ctrl-Z = NONE, -/Ctrl-I = INVERT
- TXLIB: MsgBox: enlarged default size for message box popups to 52/78
- TXLIB: SELIST: Add 'marked' to list, and 'multiQuickPos' to items
- TXLIB: SELIST: Add marked count to top-right of title, when non-ZERO
- TXLIB: SELIST: Preserve multiple-select flags on reverse sorting
- UNDELETE: New generic command to find, then BROWSE deleted files
- VDI: Extra confirmation when loading a snapshot without a BASE
- VDI: Support VirtualBox static/dynamic and snapshot disk images
- VDI: implemented read/write support, updating last VDI in chain
- VDI: implemented read/write support, updating last VDI in chain
- VDI: new command opens Base VDI as disk, or adds snapshot to it

Regards, JvW

DFSee Home:; Jan van Wijk; Author of DFSee -

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