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Bob Eager///\'s OS/2 Software released as Open Source
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Bob Eager's OS/2 Software released as Open Source

October 23, 2016 by

Bob Eager has updated his web site and released a lot of his OS/2 software as open source.


The source code is included on the zip file of each software and it is now released under the BSD 3-Clause license.


The software that is now available as open source are:


- UPTIME : WPS class for displaying system uptime

- PANEL: is an OS/2 device driver that provides access to the eight character information panel provided on the IBM PS/2 Model 95 (8595 and 9595) systems.

- MEM : Utility for displaying memory size detected by OS/2

- MailProgs: Suite of simple OS/2 mail servers and clients


- - SMTP server Basic mail server using SMTP

- - SMTP client Basic SMTP client

- - POP3 server Basic mail server using POP3

- - POP3 client Basic POP3 client


- SOCKD: Simple OS/2 SOCKS server

- NAMED Simple OS/2 name server

- NETLIB OS/2 network utility library

- RAREAD and RAWRITE Utilities to read and write raw diskette images

- SYSLEV Utility to display syslevel from a single file

- MD5 MD5 message digest utility

- DF Command line utility to display disk usage

- V2GB Fix DOS problem with disks greater than 2GB

- DELAY Device driver to introduce delay during system loading

- EXTDISK DOS utility to display presence of INT 13H extensions

- LDCOPY Device driver to copy files during system loading


Please visit:


Special thanks to Bob Eager for releasing his software as open source.

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