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DFSee 15.1 released, full HFS  support
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DFSee 15.1 released, full HFS+ support

June 08, 2018 by

DFSee version 15.1 has been released.

MINOR release, meaning you get it for FREE if you have a 15.x key already.

It has nearly full support for the HFS+ filesystem now, including file recovery
functions and Browse (but no complete resource-fork/hard-link handling yet).

It also supplies more OS-related information in the ABOUT dialog like more
exact version and naming, 32/64 bit indicators and user/machine details.

As usual there are also several minor problem fixes and enhancements, see below.

Note: Version 14.8 (or later) users can update directly using the menu:

Program Updates / Downloads ->
Get latest STABLE update

(Works with the OS/2, Windows, Linux and macOS versions, if WGET is there)


DFSee is a very powerful disk-utility with disk partitioning,
smart imaging or cloning of partitions or complete disks,
filesystem and disk analysis, directory/file browsing with
edit/view/copy capabilities including limited UNDELETE.

More details at:

Download links from the DFSee website:

Or from the HOBBES website:
or (after processing):

Functional changes since 15.1

- 64bit verification version; Delivery/setup of macOS
- ABOUT: Linux: Show description for distribution, when identified
- ABOUT: Linux/macOS TERM info and (sudo) user on an extra line
- ABOUT: macOS: Report macOS version numbers as well as Darwin ones
- ABOUT: OS/2: Show description for distribution ArcaOS/eCS/IBM
- ABOUT: Show the DFSee version info itself with '-c- (for logging)
- ABOUT: Windows: Report logged-on username and computername
- ABOUT: Windows: Report actual Windows-version for win-8x and 10
- ABOUT: Windows/macOS: Show verbose OS-version description string
- ABOUT: Show 32/64 bit arch/os for Linux, macOS and Windows
- CMDLINE: Fix working of the (Commandline) history-buffer for 64bit
- CR: New type 0xAF for creating macOS HFS+ style partitions on MBR
- EXE compress: Update to UPX 3.94, compress Linux and macOS-64 too
- GPT/MBR-type-07: Recognize Bitlocker encryption in a fake FAT32
- HELP/TXT: macOS 'wget' install hints; update DFSee URL to https
- HFS: Implemented FileSaveAs() for file recovery (browse, recover)
- HFS: Build parent-CnID and (folder) name cache for all CnID values
- HFS: CATS command searches Catalog-file for parent/filename combo
- HFS: CATS expanded to allow search Thread-records (no name) too
- HFS: FOLDER command much faster by using B-tree, not linear search
- HFS: Implement FsFileInfo() as required by 'list -f' and Browse
- HFS: Implement FsFindPath() as required by 'findpath' and Browse
- HFS: Implement FsMakeBrowseList() as required by the Browse dialog
- HFS: Resolve full-path for CnID or Catalog-node lsn+index combo
- HFS: SYMLINK display in 'list -f', Browse and Node/Dir displays
- HFS: Show 'Hlnk' hard-link and 'Fdrp' Finder-Alias in Leaf-nodes
- JFS: Recognize Linux JFS in type 0x07 with GRUB-like bootrecord
- JFS: Get Part-size from Part-tables when BR is not JFS specific
- Linux: VOL: Fix mount location for sda1 with sda10..19 present
- macOS: 'setup' script makes sure the is allowed to run
- macOS: Build better 32bit version with regular GCC on Snow-Leopard
- macOS: Setup script automatically selects 32 or 64 bits executable
- Mode=FDISK DELETE: added some trace to debug a crash situation
- PART: Avoid boot-driveletter warnings on non-OS/2 bootable JFS
- Printf: Corrected many format strings for 32/64 bit compatibility
- REG/IMZ: Fixed compression handle-type for 64-bit environments
- Version: Cleanup old vers_XX.Y files when updating from the menu

Regards, JvW

DFSee Home:; Jan van Wijk; Author of DFSee -

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