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eComStation 2.0 beta 2 available for download

April 10, 2006 by admin

eComStation 2.0 beta 2 available for download

Available for immediate download to Software Subscription Services customers after
login at Mensys or

You can view the full readme at:

An excerpt:


This is the second beta release of eComStation 2.0.
This product is available for download to all registered eComStation
customers of Software Subscription Services.

For more information on that, please visit:

[ updated in beta 2 ]

- ACPI, This version installs and detects ACPI [updated to release

- SNAP/ENT the special licensed version of SNAP by Serenity is
in there, we boot Snap directly from CD-Rom [updated to version 3.1.5,
build 500]

- Bootable JFS, this version is able to install on bootable JFS volumes.
Installing onto a bootable JFS volume will show a dramatic performance
increase! [updated to revision 1.0.4]

- Updated UNIAUD to version 1.1.4 RC1

- Updated all USB drivers to 10.162

- Generally the system has been brought up to date to the eComStation
1.2R release level

[ new in beta 2 ]

- Additional debugging tools for bootable JFS (see ECSBOOTJFS for the
tools and ECSDOCBOOTJFS for documentation)

- Replaced Mozilla with Firefox 1.5 & Thunderbird 1.5. Currently they
are both installed together.

- Replaced EscapeGL screensaver with DS Saver (which can be activated
and configured from the desktop properties context menu)

- Added Cairo library to enable the Cairo Screensaver modules.

- Added Firewall configuration utility. Installed by default when TCP/IP
is selected.

- Added FAT32 and NTFS (readonly) IFS under "Experimental Features"

- Added eSchemes application, a new way to configure the look and feel
of the desktop. This is considered highly experimental and as such can
only be installed with Advanced Installation, under "Experimental

- Added additional eSchemes, as available from


We are especially interested in:

- stability of Bootable JFS, we know there are some issues with Bootable
JFS not being able to boot the system. Please note that if you boot to
another volume with 'classic' JFS, you may not be able to access/boot
your newly created Bootable JFS volume. To overcome this, you can boot
from the eCS 2.0 beta 2 CD and perform a checkdisk from the
Maintenance Console.

- your experience with eSchemes. The developer needs feedback on the
usability, stability and overall performance of eSchemes.

- ACPI. It is possible to enable eShutdown (via the desktop properties
contecxt menu) If enabled, and if ACPI is detected and installed on
your system (automatically by the installer) you will be able to
power-off the system with the shutdown button.

- Firewall configuration. The Firewall configuration tool may need some
tweaking and tuning in it's default values and settings.


This product is provided as a downloadable ISO file, this is a raw CD
image that you can burn on CD-R media. For instruction on burning the
CD image to CD please consult the PDF document howtoburncds.pdf in the
same directory.

The file to download is: (579.826.553 bytes)


You can verify the integrity of the download ISO file using this MD5

FD57-55AE-5D45-FBC3-FA50-244F-4200-1A19 ecs20beta2_en_cd1.iso

To generate the MD5 checksum of your downloaded file, please download
from Hobbes:


If you already downloaded earlier, you can also
download a so called DIFF file, from which you can create the new ISO.
This requires you to already have the previous ISO file available. The
following DIFF file is offered:

7C3F-E7F7-1C37-BBB8-4824-7CAC-570C-D12F ecs20beta1b-beta2.diff
which is contained in (74.135.973 bytes)

Please verify that you have the proper MD5 sum of the DIFF file and the
original ISO file as well: 11C2-8EF1-65AB-D0D6-28CD-F48D-83D0-D447

In order to create the full ISO out of the older files, issue the
following command: (you can change the ISO names of course)

gdiff -u ecs20beta1b_en_cd1.iso ecs20beta1b-beta2.diff ecs20beta2_en_cd1.iso

GDiff is a tool of Daniel Hellerstein, more information can be
found in gdiff.doc or on the following website:

NOTE: Please verify the resulting ISO to have the correct MD5 sum,
mentioned above.

For instruction on burning the CD image to CD please consult the PDF
document howtoburncds.pdf in the same directory.



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