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Stalker Software Announces OS/2 version of the CommuniGate Pro Messaging Solution

September 24, 2002 by Ali Liptrot

MILL VALLEY, CA - September 19, 2002 - Stalker Software, Inc., the technology leader in messaging solutions, today announced the release of the CommuniGate Pro Mail Server for the IBM OS/2 platform. The OS/2 community can now benefit
from CommuniGate Pro's unparalleled reliability, ease of maintenance, tight security, and proven scalability.

The OS/2 is now the 30th platform supported by CommuniGate Pro. Others include Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, BSDi, HP/UX, Tru64, AIX, IRIX, MacOS X, UnixWare, BeOS, QNX running on Intel, PowerPC, Alpha, Sparc, HPPA, Power4, Motorola 68K, Itanium, MIPS, StrongARM and Z/390 mainframe systems. On all
platforms, CommuniGate Pro presents the same interface and uses the same file formats, allowing any organization to switch server platforms in less than an hour.

CommuniGate Pro is designed for an entire range of systems - from 50 corporate users to 50 million wireless devices. The highly scalable messaging platform can easily support 250,000+ accounts with an average ISP-type load on a single
server, and the CommuniGate Pro unique clustering mechanisms allow it to support up to 5,000,000 accounts in the Dynamic Cluster configuration, and a virtually unlimited number of accounts in the Super-Cluster configuration.

"We are excited to add OS/2 version to our portfolio", says Vladimir Butenko, president of Stalker Software, "Stability and reliability of the IBM OS/2 operation system earned it a very loyal worldwide user base. Now, with the OS/2 release of CommuniGate Pro those users will be able to deploy the best
available Internet messaging system on the OS that powered most BBS sites in the pre-Internet era".

Components and Features

CommuniGate Pro communication and access modules provide all the types of messaging services required for today's applications. The SMTP module sends and receives messages via the Internet using the ESMTP protocol with DSN and all other modern extensions, and employs sophisticated high-performance multi-channel queuing techniques. The POP and IMAP modules implement the standard POP3 and IMAP4rev1 protocols as well as the most widely known and implemented extensions to these protocols which provide unmatched compatibility with all
standards-based mail client applications.

The HTTP module supplements these modules with Web Access to user E-mail, eliminating a need for mailer applications on client computers. A fully customizable Web Mail Interface can be easily adopted to the look and feel of the customer Web site, and it can be integrated with the existing Web-based

The RPOP module can be used to retrieve mail from remote hosts via the POP3 protocol. The LDAP and ACAP module provide access to various user-, domain-, and server-level databases and data sets, including the automatically maintained Central Directory.

CommuniGate Pro includes a full-featured Meta-Directory Server integrating an arbitrary set of local Directory Units and remote LDAP servers to present a single, unified 'Directory tree' to all client applications.

True Clustering

CommuniGate Pro clustering can be used to build frontend/backend multi-server configurations, as well as symmetric cluster sites. Based on inter-server synchronization techniques, the CommuniGate Pro Cluster can employ shared file systems (such as NFS servers and Cluster File Systems) using the Cluster versions of the CommuniGate Pro software. The Single System Image feature of the CommuniGate Pro Dynamic Cluster makes Cluster administration as easy as
single-server administration.

Web-Based Interface

Installing and configuring CommuniGate Pro for small and midsize sites usually takes less than 20 minutes. The built-in Migration features simplify migration from the previous generation Mail servers, including Netscape/Sun/iPlanet
servers, products, as well as from freeware systems based on sendmail, qmail, and other MTAs.

The Command Line Interface is provided, too, making it easy to control the Server using external applications and scripts. Bundled Perl and Java "wrappers" streamline integration of the CommuniGate Pro server/cluster with
existing provisioning, billing, and accounting systems.

With 15-30 features added in every monthly upgrade (which is free), CommuniGate Pro continues to keep the lead not only as the most scalable and reliable mail system on the market, but as the most feature-rich and comprehensive system that easily adopts to ever-changing needs of modern corporations and ISPs.

Try Before You Buy

CommuniGate Pro is distributed as "keyware". The fully functional software with no time or scale limits can be downloaded from Until a set of license keys is purchased and entered into the product, each transferred message gets a one-line banner.


*The IBM eServer brand consists of the established IBM e-business logo with the following descriptive term "server" following it.

**IBM, the IBM e-business logo, OS/2, zSeries, iSeries, AS/400, and S/390 are all trademarks of IBM Corporation. All others are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


About Stalker Software
Founded in 1993, Stalker Software Inc. is based in Mill Valley, California. Stalker Software is the market-leading developer of integrated messaging for a multitude of computer platforms. With over 5000 customers worldwide ranging
from global Telco s and ISPs to universities and corporations, Stalker is committed to continued product innovation and unparalleled customer satisfaction. For more information about Stalker Software, Inc. and its products, please contact Alice Liptrot, director of sales and marketing at (800) 262-4722 or (415) 383-7164 by fax at (415) 383-7461; or E-mail at Visit the Stalker Software Web site at

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