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GBM 1.40 + REXX, GBMV2 1.27, GBM File Dialog + REXX

May 28, 2006 by Heiko Nitzsche

NEW: Windows 16/32 bpp RGB and BITFIELDS BMPs can now be read.

Notes for eComStation 1.2/1.2R users
Please read the installation instructions. eCS 1.2/1.2R ships
with an old GBM.DLL (1.12) which prevents loading of the new
GBM.DLL (1.40). Please follow the instructions to use the
new GBM.DLL for all programs as well as for eCS WPS features
like bitmap previews.
If you cannot replace the eCS shipped GBM.DLL, please execute
unlock x:os2dllgbm.dll from a command line. Then override
the old GBM.DLL with the new one. Don't forget to reboot afterwards.
You can check what version is loaded with gbmver.

GBM.DLL 1.40 and GBM command line tools
(Public Domain)

The Generalised Bitmap Module (GBM) is a library capable of loading and
saving bitmap files in a variety of popular and less popular bitmap file
formats. Programs may be written to use this code, and thus be able to
access a variety of file formats without actually knowing what format
the pictures are in, or any details about file format itself.

In this version, extended BMP, PNG, TIF and PPM support is additionally included.
PNG and TIF support also 16, 32, 48, 64 bpp colour depths with/without alpha
channel. PPM supports also 48 bpp colour depth. BMP supports also
OS/2 RLE24 and Windows 16/32 bpp RGB and BITFIELDS formats.

It comes with a useful set of command line bitmap manipulation tools.

Get package from Hobbes.
It is also included in the WarpIN installation package (see below).

Enhanced GBMV2 Version 1.27
(Public Domain)

GBMV2 is a fast and simple bitmap viewer and editor for the
OS/2 and eCS Presentation Manager.

Enhanced release of the GBMV2-Viewer from the GBMOS2PM package:
* An English and a German version of GBMV2 is included.
* An English and a German version of the GBM file dialog is included.

GBMDLG.DLL has been extended by:
* Bitmap preview within the file dialog
* Redesign to fit eComStation file dialog style

Several extensions for keyboard shortcuts have been added.
Both parts got new resources that better fit to the Warp 4
and eComStation look & feel. Resources for fonts 8.Helv and
9.WarpSans for both, German and English are available in the
sources package.

Get package from Hobbes.
It is also included in the WarpIN installation package (see below).

GBM.DLL REXX adapter library (GBMRX 1.0)
(Public Domain)

GBMRX.DLL is a REXX adapter DLL for OS/2 and eComStation which
REXX programs may use to load or save all bitmap file formats
supported by the GBM.DLL (to/from a file).

Almost full feature set of GBM.DLL is provided by the REXX API.
I/O remapping is not supported due to language restrictions.

Get package from Hobbes.
It is also included in the WarpIN installation package (see below).

GBM File Dialog REXX adapter library (GBMDLGRX 1.01)
(Public Domain)

The REXX adapter DLL allows REXX programmers to use the GBM File
Dialog in their programs. It requires availability of GBM.DLL
and the GBM File Dialog DLLs (GBMDLG.DLL and GBMDLG.HLP).

Get package from Hobbes.
It is also included in the WarpIN installation package (see below).

The new homepage of GBM for OS/2 and eCS

It provides:
- reworked documentation (now also included in the download archives)
- developer tutorials on how to use GBM libs in your own programs
- download of all sources and binaries

What's new compared to GBM.DLL 1.39, GBMV2 1.26

* NEW: Windows 16/32 bpp RGB and BITFIELDS BMP formats can now be read
* Fix the strange handling of 1bpp bitmaps. Now the colour
palette is honored just as in all other formats.
* A few internal gbm core changes.

GBM command line tools:
* gbmhdr:
- Dynamically load GBM.DLL for querying image page count
to allow it to run also with older GBM.DLL versions.
The previous version didn't work on eComStation 1.2/1.2R
because eCS ships with an old GBM.DLL (1.12) which is
incompatible (missing interfaces).

* they got new program icons (created by David Graser)
* Fix display of 1bpp color bitmap for which no RGB color
table was created and thus only the closest pure color
was used. This caused wrong colors in display but had
no effect on bitmap operations.
* Fix makefile issue with English IPFC country code. It's now 001.

GBM File Dialog
* Fix preview of 1bpp bitmaps
* Updated online help to reflect newly supported BMP formats
* Fix makefile issue with English IPFC country code. It's now 001.

For more details please have a look at the change log in the included
documentation or at my GBM homepage (see above).

Download from Hobbes

WarpIN installation package (GBM.DLL, GBM command line tools, GBMV2, GBMRX, GBMDLGRX, Doc):

Full source code:

If the links don't show anything, the packages might not yet have reached
it's final location in the Hobbes archive. In this case please lookup
the incoming folder.

Have fun,
Heiko Nitzsche
(Germany, 28-May-2006)

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