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eComStation Maintenance Tool 1.10.1 (beta) uploaded

August 19, 2002 by Chuck McKinnis

eCS Maintenance Tool 1.10.1 - This is the release candidate of the PM based eCS Maintenance Tool and is a replacement for all of the previous releases.

I would appreciate any feedback regarding errors or function.

Go to for the code.

Chuck McKinnis

Some of the changes are:

  • Build 1.10.1
  • Begin enablement of ftp logon info retrieval
  • Allow downloads to reside in their own path.
  • Allow fixes to reside in a path other than the eCS MT path.
  • Support installation of IBM device driver fixpack 3 (when available).
  • Support installation of IC31990 (Peer fix).
  • Support installation of Daniela's 1.46 driver.
  • Support fix downloads
  • Display update status for a selected drive.
  • Add setdesk.cmd to allow repair of invalid desktop object and remove the automatic repair attempted by eCS MT (if the desktop object is really screwed up, eCS MT will not start).
  • Build 1.10.0
  • Begin enablement of fix downloads
  • Display update status for a selected drive.
  • Adjust window size if screen size changes.
  • Honor minimize and maximize of window.
  • Make repair of invalid desktop pointer an option.
  • Do not comment out SET DESKTOP= in CONFIG.SYS
  • Allow execution to proceed without standard OS/2 ommand shell.
  • Removed check of protocol.ini against ibmlan.ini.
  • Removed check of Netscape zip file download method.
  • Support the use of "newview" for help if installed.
  • Allow selection of archive drive if no archive is present.
  • Checking of the OS2*.INI and CONFIG.SYS files is now done during the processing of the Serenity Systems updates.
  • Converted to PM based interface.

  • Build 1.09.11 (not released)
  • Support installation of latest Java and Web Browser releases.
  • Correct logic in determining obsolete files.
  • Make sure that LIBPATH and PATH will temporarily search the ecsupdt directory first.
  • Obtain OS2*.INI file locations from environmental variable for boot drive or from CONFIG.SYS for non-booted drive.
  • Support testcase kernel installation on German systems.

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