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eComStation Maintenance Tool 1.10.0 Release Candidate updated

June 19, 2002 by Chuck McKinnis

eCS Maintenance Tool 1.10.0 - This is the release candidate of the PM based eCS Maintenance Tool and is a replacement for all of the previous releases.

I would appreciate any feedback regarding errors or function.

Go to for the code.

Chuck McKinnis

Some of the changes are:

  • Build 1.10.0
  • Begin enablement of fix downloads
  • Display update status for a selected drive.
  • Adjust window size if screen size changes.
  • Honor minimize and maximize of window.
  • Make repair of invalid desktop pointer an option.
  • Do not comment out SET DESKTOP= in CONFIG.SYS
  • Allow execution to proceed without standard OS/2 command shell.
  • Removed check of protocol.ini against ibmlan.ini.
  • Removed check of Netscape zip file download method.
  • Support the use of "newview" for help if installed.
  • Support installation of XR0D003, IBM OS/2 Base Device Drivers (English).
  • Allow selection of archive drive if no archive is present.
  • Checking of the OS2*.INI and CONFIG.SYS files is now done during the processing of the Serenity Systems updates.
  • Converted to PM based interface.

  • Build 1.09.11 (not released)
  • Support installation of latest Java and Web Browser releases.
  • Correct logic in determining obsolete files.
  • Make sure that LIBPATH and PATH will temporarily search the ecsupdt directory first.
  • Obtain OS2*.INI file locations from environmental variable for boot drive or from CONFIG.SYS for non-booted drive.
  • Support testcase kernel installation on German systems.

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