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eCo Software newsletter, week 34

August 24, 2006 by Eugene Gorbunoff

From: Eugene Gorbunoff

eComStation users and developers are working like one large corporation. To achieve common success everyone should work well on their own place and demand the same from "neighbouring" users and developers.

The July and August were dedicated to development of drivers and WPS applications. Many utilities were updated.

1) Updated ACPI drivers

* Notes for ACPI testers:
** (Temporary restriction): If ACPI driver was working fine for some monthes but doesn't boot anymore than you should remove dust from your PC (the problem happens because of high load on CPU when ACPI starts to work; will be fixed in the future)
** Auxiliary drivers for ACPI users are separated to (PSCOM.SYS, RESOURCE.SYS)
** Please, pay attention to new installation instructions.

* New ACPI snooper v.2.11 (requires ACPI.PSD 2.11) --
** It allows start acpi from snooper
** Get ACPI table from file
** Change IRQ for PIC via ACPI link
** Remap IRQ for APIC
** You can run SATA harddisks on SMP machines in APIC mode, make modern notebook to work stable with eComStation, etc.

* ACPI Manager is updated -- (Download it if using ACPI snooper)

* APM.ADD is updated -- (Power management driver; requires ACPI.PSD 2.11), Sleep/resume is implemented (S3/S4 state) but it's necessary make improvements in device drivers to support features
of new power management.

2) JFS news
* IBM released an update of JFS.IFS few weeks ago. Don't install it if using JFS.IFS for eComStation.
* Join testing of ALVM - Logical volume manager compatible with LVM -- * New JRescuer is released
- utility to save files from damaged JFS volume. It is able work with image of volume now! --

3) Internet utilities
* PM Downloader is updated, v0.9.6 - popular network retriever --
** Fixed - if download was continued from server which doesn't support resume, size of file was detected incorrectly (one byte less).
** Italian NLS-file included.
* General Network Utilities are updated -- (IntStat utility allows count net TCP/IP traffic)

4) eSchemes update
* eSchemes v 1.28 is available (more stable version; editor is more usable) --
* Download more schemes -- and read "How to create schemes for eSchemes?" --

5) Multimedia applications
* T&V HappyPlayer is updated --

6) eCo Software support service
* Hardware database contains more than 920 records now. Currently we are gathering reports about input devices (touchscreens, keyboards, mouses) --§ion=input
* Russian eCS FAQ is updated --

7) Collaboration with other developers
* Dmitry Froloff updated USBCALLS library --
* Establishing contacts with developers of device drivers to make them support new eComStation power management.

Welcome to the eCo Software homepage --

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