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eClock Beta 6 Available

May 13, 2002 by Bob St.John

From Mark Eckstein

NOTE: Support and feedback are availalbe on the ecomstation.apps news group, news://

The replacement product of eCS Clock - eClock - has been made
available to you, the eComStation user, as beta number 6.
The replacement product of eCS Clock - eClock - has been made
available to you, the eComStation user, as beta number 6.
Users of OS/2 Warp please have a look at the end of this message.

It offers a number of enhancements over eCS Clock, such as detached time
synchronization, dial-up detection, easy time zone selection, and many more.

I may ask you to download the package, install it, test it and send
your report to the contact address mentioned in readme.txt.

Detailed installation instructions are included, and most importantly
also removal instructions for eCS Clock, particularly for version
1.21. When you follow the instructions, the CONFIG.SYS statement
accidentally removed by the eCS Clock 1.21 install script will be
written back to your CONFIG.SYS.

Where to download

OS/2 Warp users

It is to no avail for you to download eClock, as it will run on
eComStation only. However, an enhanced variant is available for OS/2
Warp. Since it is in private beta at the moment, please contact me
privately if you're interested in testing it. Thank you.

Contact: Mark Eckstein at

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[Arca Noae] AHCI Driver Package version 2.04 released
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