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PDFMergeNX Version 1.9.alpha.8

September 26, 2006 by Herwig Bauernfeind

This is the first publicly announced release of PDFMergeNX, the successor to PDFMerge/2.

PDFMergeNX is an application to manipulate PDF and PS files in various ways. Its capabilities go far beyond those of PDFMerge/2. PDFMergeNX is a simple tool for doing everyday things with PDF documents and PostScript files. Currently it can be used to

* Merge PDF/PS[/TIF/FAX/JPEG] files
* Split PDF/PS files into single pages
* Print PDF/PS files
* View PDF/PS files (builtin Mini-PDF/PS-Viewer)
* Compare (text) content of 2 PDF/PS files (using Araxis PMDiff)
* Extract PS files from PDF files
* Flip pages upside down
* Add simple bookmarks
* Add and update PDF metadata such as title, subject, author, keywords
* Rearrange pages
* Load/save listfiles to add sets of PDF/PS files at once
* more features to be added.

PDFMergeNX already has

* various options (page alignment, import bookmark headings etc.)
* national language support (English default, German included)
* a simple builtin distiller (based on GhostScript, cannot do bookmarks)
* support for ePDF as distiller (required if bookmarks should be created, the output should be encrypted, a background watermark should be applied).

PDFMergeNX provides a graphical user interface and acts as glue between GhostScript, XPDF 3.01.pl1 and ePDF (these all must be installed as a prerequisite.

PDFMergeNX is still under heavy development, neither feature set, documentation nor installation process is complete yet and therefore feedback of all kinds is appreciated.

Get PDFMergeNX from

Herwig Bauernfeind

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