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December 05, 2006 by Team

This is the latest edition of the bi-weekly newsletter. The
newsletter can be read on the web at the following URL:

News from

27. November - 3 December

* New Webserver for
o sent out a request to support us with money for new server
hardware, replacing the current six year old one.
o We gathered the 2000 Euros within less than 24 hours! Thanks a *lot*
to the whole community!
o We will inform you about the next steps very soon.
o Major progress made. Backend things look very promising.
o See:
o Proof of Concept is present.
o See:
* kBuild
o Various updates and fixes
o See:
* SlideShow and ShowImage Modules for Doodles Screen Saver
o The ShowImage module for DSS was updated (now uses GBM library instead
of MMPM/2)
o First version of the SlideShow module was released
o Download:
* Uniaud new Release Candidate
o All files in one place release
o Some APM fixes
o SB Live code updated to latest
o Download:
* WarpVision
o Stream code reorganized to be more understandable
o Stream code reorganizing allows to implement DVD menus (first steps done)
o Stream code reorganizing allows to implement stream plugins
o Implemented one cache for all stream types (simplify things a lot)
* Netlabs Object Model (NOM), the object model for Voyager
o Checked into SVN
o gcc and libc based
o IDL compiler works
o Most of the class related stuff is working
o No class replacing yet
o No dynamic class loading yet
o Binary interface not stable. Will change in the future
* Voyager desktop
o Checked into SVN
o Completely based on NOM
o Some basic desktop, GUI and support classes
o Very experimental at the moment

20. November - 26. November

* GenMAC - Adding new Chipsets
o Thorolf Godawa will coordinate support for new chipsets in GenMAC
o Many thanks to Thorolf for stepping forward
o Please read the full post for more details
o See:
* WarpIN 1.0.13
o Fixed a minor bug in the install script processing.
o Fixed Install/Close/Cancel processing when the "Archive, View" dialog
was open. Bug 849.
o WIC now defaults to overwriting newer files rather than aborting. Bug 890.
o WIC deinstalls no longer require the "archive" and "path" elements in
the .XCD file. Bug 851.
o Added an Unlock All option to the "Locked File" dialog. Bug 802.
o Download:
* AMPOS2, now with:
o Apache 2.2.3
o MySQL 5.0.27
o PHP 5.1.5
o Download: relies on your support as well, we hire developers to have
better progress on projects. For sure this costs money so any sponsoring is
very welcome! You can support via sponsoring units:

Thanks for your support!

We can be reached at:

Greetings, team

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