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New ACPI 2.20 drivers on eComStation betazone

April 26, 2007 by Mark Dodel

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Mark Dodel

"ACPI (short for "Advanced Configuration and Power Interface") is a standard that defines power and configuration management interfaces between an operating system and Hardware. It is meant to supersede the older APM standard (for power management) and provide a generic
interface for recognition and configuration of hardware devices."

ACPI Tools homepage --

Send bug-reports to:

Available to those with access (via Software Subscription Services) to the eComStation BetaZone: ( via logging in at ) 557 kb 26/04/2007 01:17 pm
ACPI.PSD for eComStation. 2.20 Eugene Gorbunoff

20070426 (2.20)
- add same feature for other developers
- ACPI is ready for Panorama VESA
- fix AcpiEmbeddedRW call
- fix debug screen output
- change default calling conversion to _System
- rebuild evaluate CPU object
- remove common source part to DevLib
- add stack for SMP kernel
- Test Core Duo notebooks with broken ACPI tables, add /EIS switch 61 kb 26/04/2007 01:18 pm
APM.ADD (Power management for eComStation; Requries ACPI.PSD 2.20)
1.12 Eugene Gorbunoff

20070426 (1.12)
* AcpiD.cfg, IdleState by default is HLT now 15 kb 26/04/2007 01:18 pm
ACPI snooper (IRQ control, ACPI tables loading). 2.20 Eugene

Attention: Snooper is not ready for NVidia users

Features of ACPI snooper:
* Use IRQn instead IRQm in APIC
* Reload DSDT from file
* Set IRQ to link (irq router)
* Evaluate a path

ACPI Snooper should be loaded if running in SMP APIC mode.
In this case the snooper is writing data to PCI config space so devices can get updated IRQ info from it instead of wrong info.

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