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USB Tools homepage updated

June 06, 2007 by Eugene Gorbunoff

Welcome to USB Tools homepage --

There are useful tricks and tips from Robert Lalla there, for example how to improve USB 2.0 read performance (Common USB FAQ).

Read the feedback from testers:
* User 1: With that patch I can improve read speed of large files from a high performance USB stick (Buffalo Firestix "R") from 16MB/s upto 32MB/s on an Intel dualcore system or upto 25MB/s on an older AthlonXP/VIA system. For comparision: Manufacturer says "read 32MB/s" and independent benchmarks from computer magazines on Windows say 25MB/s or 27MB/s. Unfortunately that patch does not help for write speed. I still measure 3.5MB/s, which is way below manufacturer's 27MB/s write specification, or results from other OS.
* User 2: Intel ICH8: I had performance: 3 MB/s, now I have 11.5-12..13
* User 2: nVidia chipset - no changes
* User 2: Intel P5B-VM 10 MB/s up to 30!!!!

Please send us source code, links to USB tools and applications which are using USBCALLS.

Please inform us if you are supporting industrial USB hardware via USBECD driver.

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 (March 07, 2016)

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