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Mr. Message (AIM/ICQ client) update 10/22/2007

October 24, 2007 by Marty Amodeo

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Marty Amodeo

Mr. Message for OS/2 is an instant messenger client which is capable of communicating over AOL's Instant Messenger network using the OSCAR protocol (used in the Win32 AIM clients, jBuddy, Pidgin, Kopete, ICQ, and a variety
of other clients).

It has been updated with the following new features:
* Added a total of online/offline/away users to the Buddy Group mouse-over popup window.
* Added a notation to the Buddy information popup window when a user's profile or away message is in the process of being retrieved.
* Added the ability to read ICQ user nicknames and real names. If you don't have an alias assigned for an ICQ user, the nickname or real name will be automatically set as an alias.
* Added the ability to retrieve off-line messages for ICQ.
* Added the ability to understand "You were added" messages from the server.
* Added timestamp field to all events passed to REXX scripts. You will have to modify your existing scripts since the parameter order has changed! See ReadMe.REXX and sample scripts for details.

It also has the following fixes and changes:
* Fixed a crash on attempting to use the "Pre-processing for Send" event.
* Fixed a number of string-related memory leaks on event processing.
* Fixed ICQ sending HTML tags when they will not be interpreted on the receiving side.
* Fixed a sloppy shutdown when the session manager window is closed while sessions are open and running.
* Fixed the wrong status icon for an IM window when a user has just changed status and the window is opened while the status is flashing in the buddy list.
* Fixed the inability of ICQ users to set a true "Away" status.
* Changed the automatic retrieval of buddy profile and away messages to allow better IM throughput while the automatic retrieval is going on.
* Changed window behavior so that when the buddy list is minimized, any IM windows that happen to be open at the time will not also be minimized.

To download, please visit the official Mr. Message web page:

New features will continue to be added with each release. :-)

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