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Warpstock Europe Steering Group established

November 05, 2007 by Christian Hennecke

In North America, Warpstock Inc. tries to ensure that a yearly user conference takes place. Local teams can submit bids. The board of directors finally takes the decision for a location and then provides basic support for the teams.

On this side of the Atlantic, there was nothing equivalent. As a result, the organisers of Warpstock Europe events each had to start from scratch for years. There was nothing to help them with organisational tasks, coordination, and building and maintaining the event web site. A first step to solve these issues was taken with the creation of the / platform.

On Saturday evening at Warpstock Europe, a discussion about further steps led to a consent that somebody was needed to take over responsibility between events and be a driving force in ensuring the next event. Everybody agreed that this could be done in a way that is a bit less formal than in North America. Finally, Gerrit Schoenmaker kick-started the constitution of this new group by volunteering himself and others joined in. The resulting Warpstock Europe Steering Group consists of:

* Gerrit Schoenmaker
* Peter Koller
* Christian Hennecke
* Keith Merrington
* Howard Winter (backup)

All members have some experience in event organisation and team coordination. Gerrit Schoenmaker, Keith Merrington, and Christian Hennecke have been directly involved in Warpstock Europe events in the past, and Peter Koller can offer his experience gained from dealing with considerably larger events.

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PEEK.SYS driver source code now available
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USB driver package version 11.14 released
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New MultiMac NIC driver package (20160201) released
 (March 07, 2016)

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