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DFSee 9.03 released, advanced scripting!

November 26, 2007 by Mark Dodel

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From:Jan van Wijk

[Moderator note: While in the process of finishing up this release Jan helped me get back my eCS partitions which were clobbered by installing Ubuntu. DFSee has saved me at least twice and helped me out several other times. ]

DFSee version 9.03 has been released today

It has a few minor bug fixes, but more importantly it is a pre-release of the 'Tx Advanced Scripting' engine as presented at warpstock 2007 in Toronto.

TxScript has been enhanced with many new features, making it a quite powerful scripting environment, some highlights:

- Scalar and array variables
- Expression evaluation for numbers and strings
- Flow control with if-then-elseif-else, while, for, until
- Access to much DFSee internal info using system variables

For an introduction in TX advanced scripting see:

Almost all features described there are present in 9.03,
the few missing ones will be added in the upcoming 9.04.
Some small code samples are included as sample-*.dfs.

DFSee is a very powerful disk-utility with disk partitioning, filesystem and disk analysis, file recovery, UNDELETE for HPFS JFS, and NTFS, resizing and smart imaging or cloning.

More details at:

Direct download links from the DFSee website:

Or from the HOBBES website:

Most important functional changes since 9.02:

- CLONE pri-to-pri, fix automatic FIXPBR 'to' part
- CMDLINE Allow input of when not at start cmdline
- CMDLINE Implemented DFSee host variables $_name
- CMDLINE Support $variable and {expression} evaluation
- JFS -v More info on damaged Inode with startup switch -p
- LIST -c Fixed incorrect leading '-l-' option
- MENU JFS fixboot, driveletter prompt for bootable JFS
- RESIZE Fixed 'ACTIVE' flag being lost on expand
- SCRIPT Support named local variables in scripts (perl like)
- SCRIPT Support expressions and builtin functions (perl like)
- SCRIPT Allow direct disk-read using $_h_sector[secnr]
- SCRIPT Added comma-operator to expressions (for loops)
- SCRIPT Added tree-based parsing and linenr error reporting
- SCRIPT Do not execute lines resolving to empty string
- SCRIPT Fix empty string variables like $_p_label

Regards, JvW

DFSee Home:; Jan van Wijk; Author of DFSee -

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