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GBM (Generalised Bitmap Module) updates

January 28, 2008 by Heiko Nitzsche

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Heiko Nitzsche

What's new:
GBM.DLL 1.54
* PNG codec upgrade to Libpng 1.2.24

GBMRX 1.10 (GBM REXX library)
* Scaling, rotating, mirroring and colour conversion
functionality is now integrated (in-memory operations)
* API description + examples of above functions integrated
into the GBM documentation

GBM command line tool gbmsize + gbmscale lib,
GBM plugins, GBM Viewer GBMV & GBMV2
* now support resampled scaling of all grayscale
and true color bitmaps

For more details see the change log in the documentation.

GBM plugin 1.32 for Lucide 1.20
This is a plugin for the Lucide document viewer available for eComStation
that extends Lucide for the support of reading all bitmap formats
supported by GBM.DLL.

Get package or the WarpIN
installation package from Hobbes (see below).

GBM plugin 1.33 for Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox/SeaMonkey
This is a plugin for the Webbrowsers Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox and
SeaMonkey available for OS/2 and eComStation that extends them for
the support of reading all bitmap formats supported by GBM.DLL.

Get package or the WarpIN
installation package from Hobbes (see below).

GBM.DLL 1.54 and GBM command line tools
The Generalised Bitmap Module (GBM) is a library capable of loading and
saving bitmap files in a variety of popular and less popular bitmap file
formats. Programs may be written to use this code, and thus be able to
access a variety of file formats without actually knowing what format
the pictures are in, or any details about file format itself.
It comes with a useful set of command line bitmap manipulation tools.

Get package or the WarpIN installation package
from Hobbes (see below).

GBM.DLL REXX adapter library (GBMRX 1.10)
GBMRX.DLL is a REXX adapter DLL for OS/2 and eComStation which
REXX programs may use to load or save all bitmap file formats
supported by the GBM.DLL (to/from a file).

Almost full feature set of GBM.DLL is provided by the REXX API.
I/O remapping is not supported due to language restrictions.
Now some image manipulations can be done like scale, reflect, rotate.

Get package from Hobbes.
It is also included in the WarpIN installation package (see below).

Enhanced GBMV/GBMV2 Version 1.42
GBMV2 is a fast and simple bitmap viewer and editor for the
OS/2 and eCS Presentation Manager. GBMV is a simple bitmap viewer.

Get package or the WarpIN installation package
from Hobbes (see below).

Notes for eComStation 1.2/1.2R users:
Please read the installation instructions. eCS 1.2/1.2R ships with an
old GBM.DLL (1.12) which prevents loading of the new GBM.DLL (1.54).
Please follow the instructions to use the new GBM.DLL for all programs
as well as for eCS WPS features like bitmap previews.

The homepage of GBM for OS/2 and eComStation
- comprehensive documentation (also included in the download archives)
- developer tutorials on how to use GBM libs in your own programs
- download of all sources and binaries

Download from Hobbes

WarpIN installation package
(GBM.DLL, GBM command line tools, GBMV2, GBMRX, GBMDLGRX, GBM plugins, Doc):

Full source code:

If the links don't show anything, the packages might not yet have reached
its final location in the Hobbes archive. In this case please lookup the
incoming folder.

All downloads are also available on the GBM homepage (see above).

Have fun,
Heiko Nitzsche
(Germany, 27-Jan-2008)

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