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eCo Software newsletter, 200811

November 14, 2008 by Eugene Gorbunoff

eCo Software is a company which is developing system components for the operating system.

How many products created by eCo Software do you have on your PC?

1. Financial state of eCo Software. The sellings of eComStation software are growing. The investments made into the development of eComStation drivers and applications in 2007 and 2008 exceed the income. We are going return the investments during 2009 and 2010.

2. eCo Software runtime
eCo Software runtime is needed for our PM and WPS applications. Updated runtime:
More libraries added, more updates.

Current plan: include new libraries, update the documentation.

3. ACPI (

ACPI is aimed to initialize your PC, activate power management, enable the 2-nd core.
ACPI 3.11 is released (BETAZONE). Current stable version: ACPI 3.9.

* Thinkpad users should confirm is ACPI 3.11 works fine.
* Let's test: HP, Dell and Toshiba notebooks. If you didn't posted a report then don't expect that your notebook will be supported by eComStation 2.0.
* Acer notebooks work better.

Current plan: improve suspend/resume for SMP APIC notebooks. Resolve Thinkpad troubles. Create additional utilities to simplify the setup of the system.

4. Panorama VESA (

* Do you have troubles with the latest Panorama VESA (2007/11/20)? (Troubles when switching desktop - fullscreen sessions) Please post the bug-report, are there new lines in popuplog.os2 or not? Which programs cause the problems?
* Does Panorama VESA + widescreen activator support ATI Radeon HD3650? ATI Radeon HD 4850, 4830 and 4870? Intel GMA 4500HD? HD 4550?
* Does Panorama VESA support output to HDMI? (If you attach a monitor to HDMI and boot the system, what happens?)
* Post bug-reports to the tracker:

Current plan: collect additional 30 reports.

Widescreen activator:
* 075 -- recognition of the latest Intel (G4x/P4x) mainboard chipsets
* 074 -- additional support for updated version of Intel 965 memory controllers. (support of the latest Intel 945 chipset revision. This is needed for "Medion Akoya" mini laptop.)

Current plan: support ATI adapters manufactured in 2008.

5. NeoWPS (


NeoWPS is aimed to update the User Interface of the operating system. Some applications should be integrated to the desktop to stimulate its development.

a) NeoWPS widgets are refreshed (Firewall, POP3 checker, USB Widget are updated)
b) eSchemes (apply different color scheme) is updated (installation is improved, editor is damaged)
c) Sunny icons (large transparent icons) are updated.
d) Central Remote Control is updated (router of commands from multimedia devices, notebooks to system, multimedia applications). New plugin: Monitor of battery low level. Now updating the plugins to support new hardware of the customers.
e) Imagination - separated on two parts again (classes + I/O Procs), it's necessary test it again.
f) Lucide is under construction, current plans: improve user interface, improve printing, update the internal engine

Current plan: release PCM and MySafe in November 2008. Release new version of eSchemes in november.

6. Networking

A) General network utilities were updated several times, Changes:
Firewall ports setup is updated (tickets: #1, #7)

Current plan: improve user interface of the utilities, start the development of new utilities.

B) Why do users like PMDownloader?
* useful for users with modems
* if you are downloading dosenz of files per day
* reconnect feature
* set timeouts and max retries

7. Files/Disk utilities

A) Collecting requests to update JUne (JFS unerase/undelete)

B) CDDVD Toys are under construction (high quality front-end for cdrecord), The program is implemented as set of utilities.

8. Multimedia

8.A -- Monkey's audio IO Proc is published, now you can listen .ape files without thirdparty tools.
8.B -- FrImage picture viewer is released in BETAZONE, - > FrImage
8.C -- Peter Nielsen updated PMView/Rus Pro in the summer.

Current plan: release eCo Tunes (internet radio) with support of remote control.

9. USB stack

USB Dock is updated in september (utility, list of IDs, pictures)

Mensys started to update USB stack (includes drivers from eCo Software)

10. Support service

eCo Software support service is working for russian and european users.

A) You can buy eComStation FAQ brochure from eComStation resellers (233 pages) or via Mensys: The book is useful for eCS 2.0, eCS 1.2.5 users.
Btw, your memory is lossing the knowledge, the book will help you to remember the tricks and tips.

B) We published unofficial FAQ about Genmac Wrapper:

C) We have some questions to you:
* How to protect system files?
* How to install Windows to external USB harddisk? To prevent eComStation PC from damage.

11. Additional information:

* Welcome to eCo Software homepage --
* eCo Software runtimes --
* Full pricelist of eCo Software products --
* BETAZONE -- How to download ACPI, Panorama, eSchemes? --
* Previous eCo Software newsletter --

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