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eComStation 2.0 Silver Release available

August 29, 2009 by

Serenity Systems International and Mensys BV are pleased to announce the
immediate availability of eComStation 2.0 Silver Release.

This product is available for download to all registered users of
Software Subscription Services for eComStation. For more information,
please visit:

== WHATS NEW? ==

* 259 bugs were resolved, of which 174 'fixed', since the release of eCS
2.0 RC6a.
* over 1450 CVS commits were made, since the release of eCS 2.0 RC6a.

The most notable changes since RC6a are listed below.

New Features:

* Updated preboot menu system to allow target hardware selection.
* The trace (and other) files are now properly installed by clifi. This
will produce more useful data in case the debug kernel is required.
* ACPI is now being installed in the form of a WPI package. This should
make it easier to supply updates to an installed system later on.
* Added a Video Driver Wizard, which allows to switch between SNAP,
Panorama, GRADD and VGA drivers on an installed system.
This will make it easier for people to recover from video problems.
* Added GRADD reset option in preboot menu (via ALT-F1).
* Updated LLAECS: it now should work better and prevent problems with
netbios over tcpip. The default dhcp timeout of 0 seconds has been
reinstated, but now LLAECS waits until it has a valid DHCP lease (up
to 30 seconds) before continuing. This should be less, as soon as a
DHCP lease has been obtained.
* EVFSGUI (the Samba GUI) now properly detects the status of network
connections. This makes the tool a lot more intuitive than before.
* ... and a lot more, see:

Updated Applications:

* Updated Firewall utility to 2009-08-05
* Updated DejaVu font package to version 2.29, now packaged as Warpin file
* Updated WarpIn to version 1.0.18
* Updated TIMESET to 1.0RC1
* Updated RSJ CD writer to version 6.02
* Updated setboot.exe to version 1.07
* Updated MEMDISK to version 2009.01.07
* Updated OS2CSM to version 2009.01.06
* Updated TAR.EXE to version 1.20
* Updated ARCVIEW to 2.02
* Updated eStyler to fix keyboard selection bug in reboot list
* Updated Lucide to version 1.2.1
* ... and a lot more, see:


To increase the amount of user feedback we implemented a 'Feedback
Wizard' which will be invoked automatically after installation. Please
use it to submit the required details to the eComStation development
team. If you want to manually start the Feedback Wizard, for example
because you made a significant change to your configuration with
different results, this can be easily done by clicking the Feedback
Wizard icon in the Help Center. ('Desktop' -> 'Local System' -> 'Help

For information on how to report problems related to UniAud, please
refer to

When you create a new ticket, please always attach logs.
You can create all the logs we need, by downloading this package:
Please attach the zip file that Uniinfo creates to your ticket.

For information on how to report problems related to ACPI, please refer

Before raising a ticket, please read
Collect all the data that applies to your issue and include it with the

For information on how to report problems related to Samba, please refer

You are also welcome to join the TestTeam if you want to discuss this
beta and future developments. See
for more details.


This product is provided as a downloadable ISO file, this is a raw CD
image that you can burn on CD-R media. For instructions on burning the
CD image to CD please consult the PDF document howtoburncds.pdf in the
same directory.

The file to download is:


Please note that although some subscriptions have expired by now, you
are not required to purchase a renewal to obtain the GA version of
eComStation 2.0.

More details can be found at

== ENJOY ==

We hope you will enjoy this new and improved version of eComStation 2.0
and ask you to provide feedback via the Feedback Wizard or the
Bugtracking system.

More information on eComStation 2.0 Silver Release can be found at:

Best regards,

Serenity Systems International

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