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eComStation News Email this page to a friend Email this page Developers Workshop 2009 V2, 30/31 October 2009

October 18, 2009 by

Hi everyone,

I've put the program online for DWS V2, please register here:

General information:

Social Event will be a Fondue Chinoise


Friday Morning, Start 10:00:
* Introduction to the Workshop schedule
* Summing up DWS 09 in June: Discussing your feedback and questions
* Voyager What? Some proposals about what Voyager is

Friday Afternoon:
* A brief history of semantic web: We will teach you what we learned
about the semantic web world since June
* From User Slaved Interfaces to User Based Interfaces: How Voyager
could change the game

Friday Evening:
* Social Event: Fondue Chinoise @ Rolex Building

Saturday Morning, Start 10:00:
* First implementations on top of Voyager: And the winner is...
* Prototyping Voyager & next steps: What exists and what needs to be done

Saturday Afternoon, End: 17:00:
* Implications of Voyager on the IT world
* Open session for the audience: Did you play with anything you could show us?
* Summing up DWS v2: Were questions answered?

hope to see you there!



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