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Qt 4 beta 5 released

December 07, 2009 by

Silvan Scherrer and Dmitry A. Kuminov have released the fifth beta of the port of the Qt 4 application framework to OS/2 and eComStation, i.e., version 4.5.1 beta 5. The new release comes with improvements for the clipboard and handling of files and drives.

Beta 5 includes the following changes in detail:


  • gui: Added support for the system clipboard. Qt can now exchange plain text, HTML (Mozilla application suite) and bitmaps with other PM applications, as well as all supported MIME data types with other Qt-based applications.
  • corelib: Use system unicode conversion routines to convert from the system code page to Unicode and back. This makes it unnecessary to specify the system encoding in the LANG environment variable -- Qt will use the system encoding of the current process.
  • gui: Implemented support for the IME input box (used on DBCS systems) in Qt applications with a known limitation that the input box is always positioned at the lower left corner of the top-level window.
  • gui: Improved font handling on DBCS systems (patch by komh): Read national face names from font files instead of always taking the Latin name. Use the PM_AssociateFont registry key to select a fallback font for missing characters.
  • gui: Implemented QPixmap::grabWindow() which takes a screenshot of a window.
  • gui: Steal the Alt key from the PM which prevents the PM system menu to be shown when single Alt is pressed in a Qt application. The system menu may still be called using Alt+Space. Note that this also disables all default shortuts from the system menu (Alt+F7, Alt+F10 etc.) so that they available to Qt applications now. Exceptions are Alt+F4, Ctrl+Esc, Alt+Esc which are not passed to Qt and will function as in regular PM applciations.
  • general: Binary Qt library builds are made portable: they do not contain hard-coded paths to various Qt components any more and use relative locations whenever possible. See for more info.
  • corelib: Improved the polling QFileSystemWatcher implementation so that it doesn't eat all CPU when there are more than 100 items to watch, like when showing a file open dialog with many files in a directory.
  • qmake: Improved processing of the project library list (LIBS variable) to avoid appearance of raw library names that require substitution (fixes the debug build of linguist).
  • qmake: Added support for DEF_FILE_VERSION, DEF_FILE_DESCRIPTION and DEF_FILE_VENDOR project variables that allow to embed the description string into a generated DLL or executable. For compatibility with other platforms, these variables by default are mapped to VERSION, QMAKE_TARGET_PRODUCT + QMAKE_TARGET_DESCRIPTION + QMAKE_TARGET_COPYRIGHT and QMAKE_TARGET_COMPANY, respectively.


  • gui: Table views showed alternate rows in black color instead of light gray.
  • gui: If some font style (e.g. Bold) does not provide characters for some script (e.g. Cyrillic) while the Normal style does, a different font will be chosen for Bold Cyrillic instead of drawing empty boxes.
  • corelib: Fixed two issues related to loading text codec plugins from the application's directory.
  • corelib: Fixed QDir::absoluteFilePath(), midir()/mkpath(), rmdir()/rmpath() that didn't properly handle relative and UNC paths which could cause various path-related failures.
  • corelib: Properly report root directories of drives to Qt. This makes letters of removable drives always seen by Qt (for example, in the file open dialog) even if the medium isn't currently inserted.
  • corelib: Fixed unnecessary access to removable drives and a long delay and noice caused by it when showing a file open dialog in Qt applications.

The fifth beta is available for download at:

Qt is a cross-platform application development framework, which is widely used as a widget toolkit for developing GUI programs. Availability for OS/2 and eComStation both means that developers can easily port existing Qt applications and create new ones more easily.

This already has been the case with Qt 3. Now that Qt 4 is widely used, the Qt 4 project aims to make the latest version 4.5 available for OS/2 and eComStation. It currently is in beta stage and applications start to become available.

For more information, see:

Since the project relies on funds made by the OS/2 and eComStation community, please consider making a donation:

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