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DevCon: new File Open Dialog - update your applications

April 01, 2010 by

=== New PM controls for developers of applications ===

 * New library includes: WC_DIRTREE and WC_FILEVIEW. This PM-controls may be used in applications to select directory and/or file. All heavy operations are performed in separate threads. Call FOCInitialize() before usage of the controls.

* The control elements notify owner about state changes via WM_CONTROL message.

* The elements support d'n'd operation (as source).

* You can force change of directory, create/remove directories, rename files and directories using special messages. Moreover, the developers of applications can send messages to sort the contents of container, request list of selected files and directories.

* Both control elements can work in conjuction: the changes in directory tree influence on container with files and vice versa.


=== Replacement of System File Open Dialog ===


(under construction)


* The main goal of the project - replace system file open dialog with new one based on new PM controls.

* New dialog may be resized, users can change sorting, size of sub-windows. All parameters are saved and restored automatically.

* New dialog is fully compatible with old system dialog: if you are going call new FOC then use FOCFILEDLG structure (instead of FILEDLG), instead of functions WinFileDlg, WinDefFileDlgProc, WinFreeFileDlgList use: FOCFileDlg, FOCDefFileDlgProc and FOCFreeFileDlgList


=== Dialog for directory selection ===


* New dialog is based on WC_DIRTEE control. The interface is similar to the interface of FOC, API: FOCSelectDir, FOCDefSelectDirProc and FOCSELDIR structure.


 === Current plan of work ===

 * create WC_PREVIEW control, include it to file open dialog.

* full support of d'n'd.

* we should update external view one more time.


 === Join testing ===

 * Download FOC library and test samples: DevCon site,

 Let's test:

* compatibility with different file systems

* browse directories with huge quantity of files

 Please send the results of testing via web-form:

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