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Free eCS and OS/2 utility programs

February 28, 2010 by

Free eCS and OS/2 utility programs
The following is a list of free programs that are available
for download from my web site at

Sequential Utilities: sequential copy and rename utilities.

DH_Notify: a simple PM notification or alarm utility.

C_DEL: an OS/2 command line utility for deleting files.

PREP: convert text chars to HTML character entities

UNH: a utility to strip HTML codes from saved web pages

NUMBERS: scans the directories and files on one or more drives. It displays a list of the directories and shows the total size in bytes of the files in each directory. This program is free, but the author retains all rights.

UPTIME: reports the time since the last boot.
The C++ code in the file uptime.cpp was posted in the usenet newsgroup comp.os.os2.utilities by John Allen . It reports the time an OS/2 system has been running since the last boot.

I have compiled the code with BCC++ and made it available as a public download on my web page. This is an update that fixes an error that occured when the time since the last boot was less than 1 hour.

Don's Quips n Quotes: an OS/2 fortune cookie program

Head & Tail: two OS/2 text programs
These are similar to the unix head and tail programs.
Head displays the first few lines of a text file.
Tail displays the last few lines of a text file.

RM: a clone of the UNIX RM utility
A command line file and directory removal program. It will remove subdirectories and files including those that are marked as read-only and hidden. The subdirectories do not need to be empty.

PIPEOUT: displays the contents of one or more files to STDOUT
The files may be specified on the command line and may include wildcards, or the input list may piped from another application.
I use PIPEOUT to pipe the contents of text files with long fileneames into the List utility.
PIPEOUT *.txt | List

ClearClip: Clears the OS/2 clipboard

FS: an OS/2 command line utility that shows the free and total space on each partiton starting with the C: drive or partition.

DHFILT01: Several text filter programs

RM_Z: A simple utility to strip control-Z from the end of text files

CAL: command line utility that displays a 3 month calendar

BACK_ME: PM and command line utility that does a quick file backup

WS: A command line utility makes word search puzzles

ENV: A simple utility to address envelopes on HP DeskJet and compatible printers.

DJPrint: A program for formatted printing on HP DeskJet compatible printers

CMD_IT: A program to generate CMD files

Don Hawkinson , author of CCA, DH-Grep-PM,
PMStripper, Pastry Box, DH_ClipSave/2,
DJPrint, and TextHelper

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