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eCo Software: 10 applications updated

February 21, 2011 by

eCo Software updated some applications and system components.

 === Varenye-backup ===

 How to backup your data? Varenye backup is the best choice --

Select the directories, start the procedure of backup.

Incremental backup, data may be splitted on blocks 700 Mb, 4 Gb.


=== DVD/CD Toys ===

The development continues.. New utility: "Create and burn bootable CD"

DVD Toys Homepage --


=== FileOpen Container ===

 File Open Container (Neo File Open Dialog) is ready for use --

The testing for compatibility with old applications is completed.

Bug-tracker of the project: --


=== NeoWPS widgets ===

 Dutch developer Ben Rietbroek is updating USB Widget,

current version is uploaded: to the site of widgets --


=== Sunny icons ===

 Large transparent icons, some are better than Windows7/MacOSX,

Sunny icons homepage --

Updated package. Fresh icons.


=== eCo Software runtime ===

 Update the runtime in your system to get more stable system:

Runtime homepage --


=== ACPI ===

 Collecting reports about work of ACPI in ACPI DB database


Do you have problems with Network (slow, no connection, ..), Audio (hangs, clicks, ..), USB (attached devices are not visible, slow work, etc)?

Configuring ACPI driver for eComStation 2.0 --


=== Crypt your data ===

 eCo Software recommends you NDCrypt plugin

Attach crypted volume, save important data.

This site contains information about other NetDrive plug-ins.


=== New audio-codec ===

 Do you have a mobile phone or communicator?

Does it support AMR format (aimed to record the speech).

Record your voice, copy *.amr files to eComStation,

test new AMR codec (IO Proc). Listen to the records.


=== For developers ===

 The toolkit is moved to new site:


=== Warpstock Europe 2011 ===

 Warpstock Europe is coming.. --

eCo Software published 8 reports about previous conferences,

eCo Software showed more than 14 presentations at the conferences.

eCo Software is going participate in WSE2011.


 === Support service ===

 * eCSFAQ -- -- collection of useful information for users.

* eCo Market -- -- collection of popular applications.

Many programs are packed to WarpIn.


 === Additional information ===

 * Welcome to eCo Software site --

* eCo Software Runtimes --

* How to download ACPI, Panorama, eSchemes? BETAZONE --

* Previous eCo Software Newsletter --

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DFSee 15.1 released, full HFS+ support
 (June 08, 2018)

openssl 1.0.2o
 (May 30, 2018)

DFSee TESTERS needed; Please verify new ABOUT information
 (May 28, 2018)

Weasel 2.45 released
 (May 28, 2018)

 Treiber Updates
[Arca Noae] ACPI Driver Package version 3.23.09 released
 (May 14, 2018)

[Arca Noae] New MultiMac NIC driver package (20180414) released
 (April 14, 2018)

[Arca Noae] ACPI Driver Package version 3.23.08 released
 (February 20, 2018)

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