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ODIN 0.6.21659 (2011-06-27)

June 28, 2011 by

There is a new version of ODIN on the Netlabs FTP server.

ODIN is the Open Source project to provide a win32 API for OS/2 and eComStation. Originally to allow OS/2 users to run Windows 32 bit applications. Now used to port windows applications to OS/2 and eComStation. The Odin runtime is a requirement for the newest developed versions of JAVA and Flash 10 for OS/2 and eCS.

ODIN website:

Debug version:

Odin mailing list archive:

Report bugs on the Netlabs bug tracker:

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0.6.21659 (2011-06-27)

Dmitriy Kuminov:
- kernel32: Fixed crashes in code involving _try/except due to garbage in
- kernel32: GetFileAttributesEx?(): Interpret paths like 'X:' as 'X:'
instead of reporting an error, for compatibility with Win32.
- kernel32: Propagate exceptions further along the OS/2 chain instead of
terminating the application if the last Win32 exception handler (eg the
SEH one) returns ExceptionContinueSearch. This lets unhandled exceptions
be seen by eg PROCDUMP.
- kernel32: SEH: Fixed rare crashes at process termination caused by
attempting to unwind the Win32 exception chain twice, the second time
after destroying the Win32 TEB block.
- kernel32: Fixed: Closing a duplicate of a handle opened with
FILE_FLAG_DELETE_ON_CLOSE would not perform file deletion as it should
if that duplicate was the last reference to the file (e.g. closed after
the original handle).
- ole32: Fixed a crash when dragging an object that doesn't support CF_TEXT
or CF_HDROP over an OS/2 (non-Odin) window.
- shell32: Fixed SHGetFileInfoW(): PIDL input argument was misinterpreted as
a string and the display name and type name fields SHFILEINFOW were not
properly set on output resulting in garbage on the caller's side.
- shell32: SHGetFileInfo(): Differentiate between different drive types
(network, local, removable etc) when filling the type name field for paths
like 'X:'.
- user32: Fixed standard scroll bar functionality (stuck arrow and thumb
buttons) broken in February 2010.
- dsound: Open audio devices in shared mode to allow other processes play
sound when Java applications are running.
- wsock32: Don't start a dummy async thread when WSAEventSelect() is called
to simply cancel a non-existing association on a socket.
- wsock32: Fixed: Zeroing the async task structure at task termination would
prevent the VSemaphore destructor to be called which caused memory leaks.
- general: Show a nice error message box and exit instead of crashing if
WGSS50.DLL or KERNEL32.DLL initialization fails (eg due to low memory).

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