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Version 3.0 of bootAble available, now with no-floppy-emulation boot support!

February 23, 2004 by Hayo Baan


I've updated bootAble again. This time I have added the no-floppy-emulation boot capability as developped by Veit Kannegieser (and as used by eCS 1.1 CD). Big thanks go to him for making this possible. Apart from this major upgrade, I've added and corrected some more things (see below).

As always, you can download bootAble from

Hayo Baan

v3.0 (22/02/2004)

* Added support for the no floppy emulation boot (memdisk) by Veit Kannegieser. Not only does this allow bootAble to operate in many more situations, but booting will be slightly faster and the 2.88 floppy disk space restriction is lifted allowing for many more configurations to be booted from CD;
* Added configuration files for PMdll and USB resource utilities (bootAble.pmdll and bootAble.usbres);
* Added preliminary True Type and UniFont support (bootAble.ttf);
* Changed way ini RC files get processed, you can now override previous entries (set the corresponding EXTRAxxxxINIRCFILEUPDATE.x to 'YES'). Furthermore. the EXTRAUSERINI and EXTRASYSINI settings are processed last and can be used to override any entry (see bootAble.myCfg for examples);
* Ini RC files should now only contain the body of a makeini file (i.e., the "" "" triplet, see bootAble.Urc etc. for details);
* Added low-level syntax checking on ini RC files;
* Added configuration option for adding OS2SCSI.DMD driver (SCSIDMD, enabled by default if you're adding SCSI support);
* Added configuration option for copying the config.sys of the boot image to the root of the CD (COPYCONFIGSYS, disabled by default);
* Added function to retreive values from the config.sys file (getFromConfigSys);
* Added configuration option to specify the name of the config.sys file to use in getFromConfigSys, globally initialised to the config.sys in the root of your boot drive (CONFIGSYSFILE);
* More variables now automaitcally get the correct defaults based on the host system (e.g., RESERVEDRIVELETTER, CDROMDRIVE, VIRTUALDRIVE, SHELLPROMPT, COUNTRY, CODEPAGE, KEYBOARD, UNICODE, UNILANG, UNICP, LVM);
* The SEARCHPATH variable is now globally initialised to the value of os2boot on the boot drive, LIBPATH, PATH, DPATH, HELP, and BOOKSHELF, greatly reducing the need for specifying full file paths in the configuration files (just make sure the correct files are first on the SEARCHPATH!);
* Removed the SMALLKEYBOARDDCP option. If you now want to use a different keyboard.dcp (or viotbl.dcp for that matter) file, simply make sure it is located somewhere on the SEARCHPATH before the original;
* Disabled USB support by default (USBxxx);
* Added ini RC file option to allow inclusion of a line if an option is not set (%%!%%)
* Applications now get installed into OS2APPS instead of root directory (bootAble.acrobat, etc.);
* Adopted 4os2 support and made it independent of the WPS setting (icon and inf file always copied), furthermore allowed for a destination directory to be set (bootAble.4os2);
* Added section on debugging to this document;
* You can now use the /v command-line argument to specify the value of VERBOSE from the command-line (usage: bootAble [/v ] [...]);
* You can now download the SIO2K Patch file from my website (kindly provided by the author, Veit Kannegieser);
* Improved PMView support (2.x and 3.x supported), now copying only required files and, thanks to Alfredo Fernández Díaz, also added pmvddrop support (bootAble.pmview);
* The RESERVEDRIVELETTER option is now allowed to be empty;
* Swapping is now enabled when booting from a maintenance partition or a MEMDISK enabled boot;
* Files are now copied to the destination slighly faster (i.e., not always via temp anymore);
* Corrected bug where you couldn't copy extra files to the root of a CD when using cdrecord or testing;
* Corrected initial font settings of WPS (now correctly using warpsans);
* Adaptations for the latest newview versions (newview.exe is required);
* Renamed bootAble.PMVrc and bootAble.Xrc to bootAble.pmviewRC and bootAble.xwpRC;
* Removed progress message about ignoring already created directories.

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