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EDM/2 Wiki Updates

March 07, 2012 by



I want to share the little updates made to EDM/2 on the last months.


After updating the design and organizing the articles category I had included the following:


1) Reposted other articles and material:


Roger Orr allowed their articles to be released as Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 .


Extending OS/2 batch files - Part 1 October 1996)

Extending OS/2 batch files - Part 2 (December 1996)

Using Multimedia OS/2 for sound (August 1995)

Using a DLL for a PM hook (May 1995)

Programming the OS/2 Switch List (December 1994)

Calling C functions from Rexx (July 1994)

Using REXX as a macro language (December 1994)

A personal look at the OS/2 API (December 1993)

Exception Management - or coping with bugs (August 1993)

Extended Attributes - what are they and how can you use them ? (May 1993)

Introduction to IOPL programming (December 1992)

Writing your own PSTAT (August 1992)

Programming direct OS/2 Disk I/O (April 1992)

OS/2 Procedures Language - REXX (December 1991)

Using the OS/2 debugging interface to monitor the system (August 1991)

Drawing your own listboxes (April 1991)

OS/2 signal handling (December 1990)

OS/2 initialisation - making it work for you (August 1990)

Hints for writing simple programs for both OS/2 and DOS (April 1990)


Also Les Bell allowed his material to be released as Creative Commons, so I had included links to his material.


I had also includes some links to WarpStock OS/2-eCS development related presentations on each category of the wiki.


2) Republishing Permission


Since we are changing to a Wiki format, republishing permission allowing derivative work for the articles has to be requested. There had been good response from part of the Authors that I was able to contact. Several authors (all that I was able to contact) accepted that his articles were republished under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license to me migrated to the article.


I want to thanks:


Scott Garfinkle

Perry Newhook

Björn Fahller

Chris Palchak

Gordon Zeglinski

Carsten Whimster

Sergey I. Yevtushenko

Timur Tabi

Paul Floyd

Alger Pike

Joe Wyatt

Eric Slaats

Dave Raymer

Andre Asselin

Steve Lacy

David Charlap

Marco J. Shmerykowsky PE

Patrick Mueller

Chris Matthews

Julien Pierre

Gavin Baker

Semir Patel


Some of their articles had been migrated to the wiki (the originals still remains was static web pages) and some other articles are on the pipeline to be migrated.


There is more work to do on the Wiki, more information need to be included in Tools are, and I’m looking forward for more development articles that can be created or reposted on EDM/2.


Any help is welcome, please contact me.




Martin Iturbide News Master



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