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XWP v1.0.11 beta3

November 14, 2016 by

I'm pleased to announce the release of XWP v1.0.11 beta3 for your review
and testing. It offers the most significant set of enhancements to XWP in
many years. Portions of this work were subsidised by a generous grant from
VOICE International. Thank you!

** Xview **

XWP's Splitview folder window has been redesigned and renamed Xview. Now,
in addition to the tree-and-icon view that's great for looking at Desktop
folders, it offers a tree-and-details view better suited to managing files
on your drives.

Unlike other WPS features, Xview may be the simplest thing to configure in
all of OS/2. Click on View->Options to access all its settings in one place:
default view, icon layout, details columns to display, etc. Set your options
for each folder or find a layout you like and make it the system default.

Tip: for a WPS-enabled file manager that doesn't take up half your screen,
open your Drives folder in Xview. Go to its Options menu, set the default
view to Details, then uncheck the ObjectClass, Splitbar, and RealName columns.
Your entire system will now be accessible in a single compact window.

** XWP-Lite **

Changes to XWP's build system now permit the creation of two versions: Full
and Lite. Lite is very similar to eWP but without the eCS branding and logos.
Unlike eWP, it includes XWP's Startup Folders, probably the most popular XWP
feature missing in eWP. Be aware that it does not contain XWP Setup or Media.

Note: it's still possible for builders to create the eWP version of Lite if
they wish. More important, they can also create their own custom versions of
either build type, with their choice of features, icons, etc.

** NLS Packaging **

Previously, you had to install a base package, then a separate NLS package.
No more!! Each package (DE/EN/IT/JA/NL) is now a complete, standalone version
with everything you need. Multiple language support is still possible: install
the ones you want, with your preferred language last.

** Important Information **

=> The install scripts now use os2.ini entries to create objects, just as the
OS installer would. Either let WarpIn restart the Desktop after installation
or reboot manually to have XWP's objects created.

=> The system may hang during object creation if you have installed v1.0
of the WPHwManagerEx WPS class (hwman10.wpi). Please upgrade to v1.1
(hwman11.wpi, now in hobbes incoming) before installing this beta.

=> This beta contains updates to the ACPI code used to power down your
system; it is also used by the Battery widget. Please email me directly
if you encounter any problems.

** Downloads **



Rich Walsh

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