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DFSee 13.4 released, full EXT2/3/4 support

August 17, 2016 by

DFSee version 13.4 has been released.

It is a MINOR release, but with some significant new functionality:

The support for the EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4 filesystems has been
expanded to include ALL the DFSee features like:

- File recovery, copy files from an inaccessible filesystem to a
location on another drive, even from DOS, Windows, OS/2 or OS-X
- Generate a complete 'Sector Lookup Table' for CHECKing the FS
- Display of, and navigation through the whole directory structure
- Display EXTn features like blockgroup information and superblock
backup locations.


Automatic 'Run as Administrator' on Windows-7, 8 or 10, when using
the DFSee icons added to the Windows start-menu, and proper sizing
of the tex-mode window. Better DFSDISK and DFSCHECK scripts.

Automatic 'SUDO' in the supplied shell-scripts for Linux and Mac OS-X,
and a better 'setup' script creating symbolic links in /usr/local/bin
so you can now start the scripts from ANYWHERE, and they will still
find all required DFSee support files. Installation is as easy as:

- Download the DFSee distribution (like '
- Extract to a directory of your choice (like a home directory)
- cd to the DFSee directory with the Linux or Mac executables
- 'chmod 744 setup'
- './setup'

And from then on, you can start DFSee from ANY (data, logging) directory
using any of the script names: dfs, dfsdisk, dfscheck, dfsedit and so on


DFSee is a very powerful disk-utility with disk partitioning,
filesystem and disk analysis, some file recovery and UNDELETE
and smart imaging or cloning of partitions or complete disks.

More details at:

Direct download links from the DFSee website:

Or from the HOBBES website:
or (after processing):

Functional changes since 13.3

- ABOUT OS-version: Added specific Windows-8, 8.1 and 10 kernels
- ALLOC: Recognize GPT-header+tables as BOOT areas in full-disk ALLOC
- CLONE/IMAGE: Enabled SMART for EXT2/3/4, except when META_BG used
- DFSDISK/DFSCHECK suppress final message ONLY with option -screen-
- DFSUSB32: Issue warning when trying to create a stick on (Free)DOS
- DFSUSB32: Updated descriptions to use simple 'DFSEEDOS.ISO' download
- EXTCMD: Added extra hint that it may be an incorrecly typed command
- EXTn: ABG: Display allocation with a single blockgroup per line
- EXTn: ALLOC/smart: Handle BLOCK_UNINIT for normal/backup groups
- EXTn: ALLOC: Add BlockGroup# to each line, when exactly 1 BG/line
- EXTn: BG: Added GDT/BM/Itable locations + sizes to verbose display
- EXTn: BG: Added backup-super, and UNINIT/ZEROED flag indicators
- EXTn: BG: Add display of the flags, like UNINIT block/inode bitmap
- EXTn: BSL: List backup superblock (+ metadata) groups and sectors
- EXTn: DFSEXT.dfs script updated for a complete CHECK analysis run
- EXTn: DIR: Better handling of empty entries (skip, no abort) SLT too
- EXTn: DIR: Display directory data, including related inode values
- EXTn: DIR: FileType string (dir/file) and INDEX root/node details
- EXTn: FILEFIND, implemented a QUICK search for file/directory Inodes
- EXTn: FINDPATH or 'path' command implemented, search Inode by path
- EXTn: INO: Auto show same Inode on 't', and show index in Statusline
- EXTn: INO: Calculate sector+index for specified Inode-number; display
- EXTn: INO: Detect and show UNKNOWN feature flags (INCOMPATIBLE etc)
- EXTn: INO: Display data allocation, BLOCK-INDIRECT or EXTENT-TREE
- EXTn: INO: Display linkname for small (inlined) symlink Inodes
- EXTn: INO: Display of Inode contents complete, except alloc S_SPACE
- EXTn: INO: Show 1st data on from BlockIndirect or ExtentTree
- EXTn: Init: determine DIRTY-status from Groups/Bitmap difference too
- EXTn: LIST: Show proper File information, path and allocation info
- EXTn: SLT/INO: Special inode-7 (RESIZE) handling, for display too
- EXTn: SLT: Add allocation for DIR and FILE Inodes, recursively
- EXTn: SLT: Added meta-allocation to SLT and to Inode verbose display
- EXTn: SLT: Include all SB, GDT, GDT-reserve, Block- and Inode-bitmaps
- EXTn: SUPER: Auto show ROOT Inode on from superblock display
- FILEDLG: Create correct directory with [Make Dir] for absolute paths
- FILEFIND, JFS, HPFS, NTFS: added 'search files only' option '-f'
- LINUX: New 'dfs' sudo-start script, setup symlinks to /usr/local/bin
- MENU: EDIT: Update some descriptions for 'Force operation Mode=xxx'
- MENU: EXTn: Added File recovery submenu, Filefind, Recover, Hex-edit
- MENU: EXTn: Added Inode selection by ino# or one of the special ones
- MENU: EXTn: Alloc map, by Blockgroup; Display group aligned ALLOC map
- MENU: EXTn: Analyse EXT Filesystem (check) and SLT submenu added
- MENU: EXTn: List BACKUP Superblocks; List all BACKUP groups (super)
- MENU: EXTn: Mode=EXT2_3 name changed to EXTn, to account for EXT4
- MENU: EXTn: Show BlockGroup Summary; Show flags and alloc for group
- MENU: Error message when trying to add a GPT partition to Bootmanager
- PART -v: Added backup-super-BG indicator 'S' for EXTn backup groups
- WINDOWS/DOS/OS2: 'dfs' BAT/CMD as alias for 'dfsee', like Linux/Mac
- WINDOWS: Include 'DFSRUNAS.EXE' for automatic 'Run as Administrator'
- WINDOWS: Resize window on startup now to 80% of screen, lines+cols
- WINDOWS: Updated the batch-scripts to work with DFSRUNAS (XP..WIN10)

Regards, JvW

DFSee Home:; Jan van Wijk; Author of DFSee -

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