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Version 2.10 of bootAble uploaded

September 29, 2002 by Hayo Baan

Hi all,

Thought you'd like to know I've uploaded version 2.10 of bootAble. As usual you can find it at

It got loads of new features (see below). There are, however, still quite a few things on my to do list :-)
To name a few:
* NetBios support.
* A GUI for the configuration file. Someone suggested cfgtool as a basis, I'm thinking about Java as well though, who knows...
* Support for dhcp (client). For this I need to be able to get the DCPH Server installed on my eCS system, haven't succeeded so far :-(
* XWorkplace (maybe I need to get Ulrich involved to get this working).
* Amouse instead of normal mouse.
* And More...

Version History (since version 2.7)
v2.10 (29/09/2002)
* You can now specify a search path (SEARCHPATH) where files will be searched for in addition to the location specified (by default this is set to the DPATH). This allows for adding components to a bootable CD/maintenance partition which
have not (yet) been installed on your system (or reside in a completely different location from the deafult); just add the files to a directory on the specified path!;
* Added support for HPFS386 file system (HPFS386);
* Added support for parallel port ZIP drive (PPZIP);
* Added support for using lxlite when copying files, freeing extra space! (LXLITE);
* Added option for using the small keyboard.dcp file from the Warp 4 boot disks, saving yet again quite some space! (SMALLKEYBOARDDCP);
Note: This keyboard.dcp most likely only supports a very limited set of keyboard layouts...
* You can now specify additional ini file lines using the format of the makeini command (EXTRAUSERINI, EXTRASYSINI);
* Added configuration variable for specifying the command shell prompt (SHELLPROMPT);
* Added configuration variables for specifying the names of the boot images (BOOTIMAGENAME.1 and BOOTIMAGENAME.2);
Note: When using AudioCDCreator, the name of the first image should be OSBOOT.IMG (now default).
* Added advanced configuration variables for specifying the number of threads (advanced, THREADS, now 1024 by default), FAT cache options (advanced, FATCACHEOPTIONS, now 1MB by default), swapping parameters (advanced, MEMMAN and SWAPPATH);
* Renamed all *DLLS option variables to *DLLFILES for consistency;
Note: If you have created your own configuration files, make sure to reflect this change!
* Added ability to specify additional directory structure and the extra files to go into these directories, including the ability to add these directories to a path (EXTRADIRECTORY.n, EXTRADIRECTORYFILES.n, EXTRADIRECTORYADDTOPATHS.n);
* Files can now contain spaces (just make sure they are within double-quotes!);
* Fixed bug where extra basedev files where not copied at all;
* Added main option name of new options in the version history (starting from version 2.0), to ease finding them;
* Corrected typo in Alfredo Fernandez Diaz's name in the documentation (Thanks section in this file);
* rxqueue.exe is now added by default when REXX support is enabled;
* wpstkmri.dll is now an optional file as well (only for scroll mouse?);
* When TCP/IP and REXX support are both enabled with WPS, either the file rxsock.infor the file rxsocket.inf is added (seems the file got renamed with later Warp installations);
* The maxtransmits directive has been removed from the protocol.ini file (network support), it is not supported on all network cards (and not required either);
* Added sample configuration file bootAble.testCD for testing the creation of a bootAble CD. Instead of writing the results to a CD-R(W), the results are written to a temp directory;
* Added sample configuration file bootAble.acrobat for adding acrobat reader to your system, also shows the use of the new EXTRADIRECTORY and EXTRA*INI configuration variables.

v2.9 (24/09/2002)
* Added support for Roman Stangl's CD Boot Menu (CDBOOTMENU);
Note: When using RSJ, make sure that Roman Stangl's cdboot command is not located on the PATH!
* Added comments to clarify the use of configuration files (you only need to specify the configuration options/variables which override the defaults in bootAble.cfg!);
* Added comments for when files are required (Obtaining required and optional files section in this file);
* Added reference to help for the country and keyboard definition configuration variables;
* UNICODELANGDIR not required anymore (some installations did not even have one!);
* Added icon (based on default CD icon), anyone a better idea?;
* Improved error checking for required files; created new function searchPath to be used in configuration files instead of the standard sysSearchPath.

v2.8 (23/09/2002)
* Corrected typos in required files for REXX TCP/IP support.

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