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JFS to be in all versions of eComStation
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LEWISVILLE, Texas, September 10, 1999
Serenity Systems announced today that it has reached a new agreement with IBM regarding software rights associated with eComStation (eCS).
Specifically, the new agreement calls for the Journaling File System (JFS), once available only in the eCS Professional product, or as a fee based optional feature, will now become part of the eCS base product with no increase in costs to the user.
"We were able to convince IBM to let us include JFS with no increase in price and we are passing the new functions and the costs savings right along to the users." said Bob St.John, Director of Business Development for Serenity Systems.
Executive Director Kim Cheung added, "Today, the size of disks used in all PCs warrants a JFS implementation. But there's more. JFS has stronger caching capabilities than HPFS. eCS has to support the Java environment, including IBM's Java 1.3 implementation, also part of the eCS GA product, and the direction to servlets launched by products like Websphere. To have a responsive system directed at e-commerce and Internet style computing, JFS is pivotal. IBM agreed that JFS makes the products more consistent with the direction of the industry."
St.John continued, "We're delighted with the way IBM has been supporting us. eCS continues to increase its value to the industry and we are able to hold the line on costs."
For those customers who have ordered the eCS Professional, or the JFS feature, an adjustment will be made. JFS is planned to ship in the Preview product, which is expected to begin distribution the week of September 25.
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