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Serenity Systems announces Serenity Virtual Station
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LEWISVILLE, Texas, Jan. 30 -- Serenity Systems International (SSI), Lewisville, TX, has announced an Early Support Program for its new virtual machine product family, Serenity Virtual Station(tm) (SVISTA).

The SVISTA(tm) products will provide the broadest support for operating systems in the industry. "Our support for Microsoft Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and IBM OS/2 as hosting platforms demonstrates that accomplishing this objective is in sight," according to Bob St.John, Director of Business
Development for SSI. He continued, "We expect to conclude our Early Support Program and release the retail product in early 2Q04. We are prepared to support the product in service engagements right now."

In the first release, SVISTA hosting platforms include Windows NT4, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows 2003 Server, Linux 2.4 kernel distributions, IBM OS/2, and FreeBSD. Guest operating systems support includes Linux, Windows, DOS, and IBM OS/2.

The IBM OS/2, Linux, and FreeBSD support is unique in the industry. It offers OS/2 users a new tool to support the implementation new software strategies and activities. SSI is a software OEM and ISV which publishes eComStation ( ), based on IBM's OS/2 operating

"We believe there are significant opportunities for the shrink wrap product, but these same products make a great deal of sense in support of services engagements. Our focus in the services area will be on providing server based products. These offerings and technologies could be a
significant business solution to service providers with the appropriate skills sets," according to St.John.

In preparation for this support, IBM Global Services ( ) will be among the first organizations to provide service, support, training, and certification on the new products. Other organizations with plans to provide services later this year include NorthLAN Solutions, St.Paul, MN ( ), 6PAC Consulting, Hamburg, Germany ( ), and Starfire, Lawrence, KS ( ). Plans for retail distribution and developing the reseller channel would be executed by Mensys ( ).

"We've been working with these people on this project for over a year. They bring remarkable skills, software tools, and account knowledge to our initial engagements. And they will help us develop a channel for fee service providers which will deliver value and savings to the end user organization," according to St.John.

Submitted by: Bob St.John

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