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Support Agreement for for eComStation and OS/2 - now part of eComStation 2.0 and 2.1

To better support the desktop requirements of eComStation and IBM OS/2 users, Serenity Systms International offers a 12 month support agreement for As part of the support agreement, users will receive versions of developed and tested to run on eComStation and IBM OS/2. 3.1.1 is now included in the eComStation 2.0 product license.
The 3.2.0 update can be downloaded as part of Software Subscription Services for eComStation.
OS/2 users still can obtain the support agreement if they so require. 3.2 for eComStation :: About 3.2.0 GA

Mensys B.V. is announcing the replacement of version 3.1.1 with version 3.2.0. This update has been compiled to run natively on IBM OS/2 and eComStation. Distribution will be limited to Support Agreement and eComStation 2.0 Software Subscription Services users. (Announcement PDF) for IBM OS/2 and eComStation users has successfully passed all the testing procedures in place for other platforms, including Microsoft Windows(r), Linux, and Solaris(r). This includes a 48 hour automated testing cycle designed to use every dialog and runtimes exceeding 24 consecutive hours during which the application is subjected to constant usage.


NLS: 3.2 for eComStation and OS/2 is released in the following language versions:
  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Russian 3.2 for eComStation (desktop folder)

Internet integration:

e-mail related settings are now supported, you can email your current document, but only Thunderbird is supported. the default OS/2 browser will be used for opening web pages from URL links in documents.

Desktop integration:

  • support for WPS integration via seperate package.
  • support for the FreeType2 (FT2) font engine for improved text rendering.
  • support for XWP/eWPS sliding menu hilite (requires XWorkPlace 1.0.8 or eCS 2.0 RC4 or newer)
  • support for clipboard bitmap formats and unicode text.
  • support for mouse wheel.

WPS integration package for 3.2 for eComStation and OS/2:

  • Extends the WPS data file class to recognize document files
  • Integrated support for WPS-Wizard hint and folder info area
  • REXX hooks for reading document properties


the quickstart feature has been implemented for eComStation and OS/2.

Availability 3.2 is available to anyone with an active Support Agreement for eComStation and OS/2, or an active Software Subscription Services for eComStation, via their download-area at the Mensys Online Shop:

It is also part of the eComStation 2.0 product license.

Fixes and enhancements will be delivered to all active Support Agreement users. MSRP for the Support Agreement for for OS/2 is $49US. MSRP for renewals is $29US.
See where to buy? for availability in your region.

Serenity Systems International and Mensys B.V. will comply with all elements and restrictions associated with the licensing and distribution and use of 3.2.0 for eComStation

What is new in 3.2

Below is a list of some of the improvements that are present in 3.2:

  • 3.2 provides improved support for other common office document types:
    • Password protected Microsoft Office XML files (supported document types: MS Word 2007 documents (*.docx, *.docm); MS Word 2007 templates (*.dotx, *.dotm); MS Excel 2007 documents (*.xlsx, *.xlsm); MS Excel 2007 binary documents (*.xlsb); MS Excel 2007 templates (*.xltx, *.xltm); MS Powerpoint 2007 documents (*.pptx, *.pptm); MS Powerpoint 2007 templates (*.potx, *.potm)). OLE objects, form controls and pivot tables can now be read from MS Excel 2007 documents (*.xlsx, *.xlsb).
    • Encryption support within the Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP filter allows password protected
    • Microsoft Word documents to be saved (using the Microsoft Office standard RC4 algorithm).
    • 3.2 has made further strides in compliance with ODF 1.2, including closer conformance to OASIS ODFF/OpenFormula specifications.
  • Faster start up times: 3.2 Calc and Writer have both reduced 'cold start' time by 46% since version 3.0 (results will vary on different operating systems and hardware).
  • Start Center
    When launching 3.x, users are presented with the Start Center that allows the selection of an application within the office productivity suite without having to click the File -> New menu.
  • Enhanced PDF export
    The PDF export feature in provides a huge set of formatting and security options; so that PDF files can be customized for many different scenarios.
  • View Multiple Pages in Writer 3.x allows Writer users to view pages with single-page, two-page side-by-side and book layout options.
  • Improved Notes
    The new version of Notes in 3.x provides additional formatting, spell checking and accessibility features while displaying notes within the margins.

A full list of enhancements can be found at:
More information on the development roadmap can be found at:

For more information about this powerful office suite, see:
» Extended list of features (external website)
» Number of PDF's describing 3.x (external website)
» Support (external website)
» OpenOffice newsgroup at

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