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Supported Hardware
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eComStation Demo supported hardware


The demo version of eComStation supports, with Scitech DisplayDoctor a large number of videochipsets, with (2D) hardware-acceleration.


The demoversion of eComStation supports most AC97 (onboard) soundchips through UniAud. The full version of eCS supports even more soundcards, PCI and ISA based.


The demoversion of eComStation detects and supports the following network adapters:

ARtem Onair ComCard 11 PCCard 5.0V (wifi)

AMD PCNet Ethernet Family Adapter

EtherLink 10 ISA (3C509b) Family
Fast EtherLink ISA Bus Master
Fast EtherLink & EtherLink III Bus Master Family
Fast EtherLink/EtherLink XL Family
EtherLink 16 (3c507) Family
EtherLink II (3c503) Family
EtherLink/MC (3c523) Family
EtherLink III PC Card
EtherLink III LAN+Modem PC Card for OS2 v1.5 - Card Services
3C3X9 PCI Token Ring Adapter
TokenLink III Network Adapters
TokenLink III PC Card Adapter

I2O LAN Driver
Token Ring Network 16/4 Adapter II
10/100 EtherJet CardBus Adapter
PCI Ethernet Adapter Driver
EtherJet ISA Ethernet Adapter
16/4 Busmaster EISA Adapter
LAN Adapter for Ethernet
LAN Adapter/A for Ethernet
EISA Ethernet adapter driver
EtherJet PC Card Ethernet Adapter
FDDI-FI Adapter Device Driver
10/100 EtherJet PCI Adapter
1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
1000BaseSX Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
Auto LANStreamer PCI Adapter
miniPCI PRISM 2.5 Wireless Card (wifi)
Token-Ring Shared RAM Family
Compatible Token-Ring Network Adapter
Turbo 16/4 Token-Ring PC Card
Token-Ring Busmaster Server Adapter
LANStreamer 16/32 MCA Adapter
PCI and CardBus Token-Ring Adapters
PS/2 Adapter for Ethernet Networks
Credit Card Adapter for Ethernet with NDIS support
USB ETHeRnet Adapter

2104x/2114x 10/100 mbps Ethernet Controller
8254X Based Network Connection
EtherPRO PCI Adapter
EtherExpress 16 Family Adapter
TokenExpress(TM) Network 16/4 Adapters
TokenExpress(TM) Network Server Adapter

TokenRx 16/4 Token-Ring Adapter
EtheRx LC ISA Ethernet Adapter
EtheRx PCI Ethernet Network Adapter

Token-Ring Adapter
FastMac NDIS driver for Smart 16/4 Ringnodes

Token-Ring Network 16/4 Adapters
Token-Ring Network Server Adapter
Token-Ring PCMCIA Card

SSW Parallel Port NIC-less Adapter

8009 ISA Ethernet Adapter
8019 ISA Plug and Play Ethernet Adapter
8029 PCI Ethernet Adapter
8129 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
8139/8130/810x Fast Ethernet Adapter

Racore 16/4 Token-Ring Adapter

Ethernet ISA Adapter Family
Ethernet MCA Adapter Family
Ethernet EISA Adapter
TokenCard Elite Master32
TokenCard Elite (SMC 8115)
TokenCard Elite/A (SMC8115)

Thomas-Conrad Tropic Token-Ring Network Adapter

» eComStation supported hardware

Some of our customers:

Alstom Transport Limited
Bowe, Bell + Howell
Canadian Coastguard
Colgate Palmolive
Fujitsu Japan
Johnson & Johnson
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Max Planck Institut
Norwich Union
OCE Technologies BV
Qatar Petroleum
Siemens AG
Stanford University
Trustco Bank
US Postal Services
Universal Instruments Corp
VMware, Inc.
Whirlpool Corporation


eComStation Corporate Solutions
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