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DFSee MAJOR version 16.0 released
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DFSee MAJOR version 16.0 released

April 17, 2019 by

DFSee version 16.0 has been released, with significant new functionality and fixes.

It is a MAJOR release, introducing TWO new filesystems with full support including
file browsing and recovery, bringen the total number of filesystems to arround 10!

The new filesystems are:

ISO The ISO9660 filesystem as used on CDROM's and DVD media, and
perhaps more importantly in .ISO imagefiles representing them.

You can now use DFSee to copy files from a CD/DVD or ISO image

The Rock-Ridge (Unix/Linux) and Jolliet (Windows long names)
extensions are supported as well, selectable where needed.

APFS The new Apple filesystem, used in iOS and newer macOS versions
(High Sierra, Mojave) that moves up a lot of the filesystem
limits from the older HFS+ and is optimized for SSD storage.

APFS supports multiple independant volumes in one partition,
all sharing the same pool of storage blocks (container),
and it is organized using B-trees for almost everything,
making access to information really fast.

The APFS support has all the familiar DFSee analysis functions
and also supports browsing and file-recovery for normal files.
(XATTR and Resource-fork support will be coming soon)

There have also been some improvements in the menu-system like attached submenus
to select a partition for PTEdit or LVM, to select an APFS volume from a container
or to select between Standard, Jolliet or El-Torito areas within an ISO.


Of course, as usual, there are also many smaller improvements and bug fixes.

DFSee is a very powerful disk-utility with disk partitioning,
filesystem and disk analysis, file recovery/UNDELETE and
smart imaging or cloning of partitions or complete disks.

This being a major release, it will require an upgrade if you currently
have a registration for an older version:

Note: Keys sold from Januari 1st, 2019 onwards, are valid with version 16.x!


More details at:

Direct download links from the DFSee website:

Or from the HOBBES website:
or (after processing):


Note: Version 14.8 (or later) users can update directly using the menu:

Program Updates / Downloads ->
Get latest STABLE update

(Works with the OS/2, Windows, Linux and macOS versions too, if WGET is there)


Functional changes since 15.6

- APFS: Version2/3 updates based on Apple File System Reference
- APFS: ALLOC command to display FS usage (main and fusion tier2)
- APFS: APFS filesystem in a type 0x73 MBR partition is recognized
- APFS: Added display of Checkpoint-Map blocks, NEXT to C-super
- APFS: Browse functionality implemented for directory-tree browse
- APFS: BtreeNode display: allow -r, -p and -name select with -raw
- APFS: Create a Volume selection list for 'vi' command and menu
- APFS: Create bitmap caches for main and (fusion) tier2 devices
- APFS: DESC command shows Btree RECORD types (CATS/DUMP/LEAVES)
- APFS: DUMP and Tree/Node display, FS-Tree details and filtering
- APFS: DUMP command enhanced with -name:wildcard select DIR/XATRR
- APFS: DUMP command enhanced with -x:transactionId filter value
- APFS: DUMP command fine-tuned for a display width of 120 columns
- APFS: FINDPATH or 'path' commands will display file information
- APFS: FOLDER command; Auto folder-display on select from snlist
- APFS: FileSaveAs (recovery) implemented for std file data-stream
- APFS: LEAF command determines fist/next leaf-node ID in a tree
- APFS: LEAVES command displays tree-contents (faster than dump!)
- APFS: LEAVES/DUMP commands support Inode name wildcard selection
- APFS: New CP command refreshes to latest or given checkpoint
- APFS: Recovery of a symlink will create a file with the linkname
- APFS: Support -q and -v verbosity on PART and other displays
- APFS: VIRT command translates virtual object-ID/Xid to blocknr
- APFS: Xfield display in FS BtreeNodes, for filesize and filename
- ATTACH: Option -i, Use a better geometry for attached IMZ image
- BSFIND: Force sector 0 (MBR/Boot) to be 'found' and always listed
- DISKLIST: Execute 'media -update' before display of the list
- Display sector: Add 'Block:0x....' to end of identifying line
- GENPART: Create correct commands for GPT partitioned disks too
- GPT: Use GPT-style on a HYBRID-GPT/MBR with Auto-GPT set to ON
- HEXED: Do NOT go to END of output, popup at current scroll-pos
- HEXED: default 16 columns, key cycles 16-32-64-128-256 width
- HEXED: default position at the END (column 99) of regular output
- IMAGE/RESTORE: Fix incorrect default size when using -P (dialog)
- IMZ: fix XMZ indexfile creation for truncated/partial IMZ files
- IMZ: for a partitioned-disk IMZ, prompt for partition to browse
- ISO: Add display of 'path to root' for directory block displays
- ISO: BROWSE initial list building and navigation implemented
- ISO: Display DIR including Joliet LFN and Rock Ridge Posix info
- ISO: Display El Torito (bootable CD) hdr info, link to boot img
- ISO: Display and navigation of directory blocks implemented
- ISO: FINDPATH or 'somepathtofile' resolves file information
- ISO: Initial support for the ISO9660 filesystem (DVD/CDROM)
- ISO: SAVETO command including file copy and recover from BROWSE
- ISO: Supply file-info to support 'list -f' and Browse Display
- JFS: DIRTY cmd Improved cmd help, and superblock 'dirty' display
- JFS: DIRTY command 'query' parameter sets RC to FS status value
- LIST: -f option improved display for non-file records in the list
- LOG: Support ~1..9 date/time filename substitution (see 'log -?')
- MENU: Edit->LVM Information' uses a submenu for partition select
- MENU: Edit->Partition Tables' uses a submenu for partition select
- MENU: Mode=APFS 'DUMP all FS-tree records' and show DIR NameHash
- MENU: Mode=APFS -> Display SpaceManager info, shows alloc info
- MENU: Mode=APFS -> Refresh to last Checkpoint, updates FS view
- MENU: Mode=APFS -> Select container Volume, selects one Volume
- MENU: Mode=APFS added SpaceManager display and two DUMP variants
- MENU: Mode=Fdisk -> RESTORE partition info: Select disknr or SAME
- MENU: Mode=ISO -> Select Volume Descriptor (UPCASE,Joliet,Boot)
- OPTIONS: verbosity -q and -v changed to the generic -O:s|q|n|v|m
- OS/2: Added 128x128 PNG versions of the standard DFSee icons
- RESTORE: Fixed crash on restore IMZ file smaller than 1024 bytes
- UI: Changed initial-focus to the [OK] button in DIR-select dialog
- UI: Fixed scroll bug when not at end of scroll buffer (PgUp, Up)
- UI: Increased the scrollable text output window to 30000 lines
- Windows: Attach all physical disks, allowing disk number gaps
- Windows: Fix dsk identification strings with disk number gaps
- macOS: Added 'Terminal' app keyboard customization tips to help
- macOS: TxFsShow, macOS, Add 'diskutil list' info for device

Regards, JvW


DFSee Home:; Jan van Wijk; Author of DFSee -

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