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eComStation Maintenance Tool 1.09.10 uploaded

April 25, 2002 by Chuck McKinnis

The eComStation Maintenance Tool has been updated to 1.09.10. It is recommended for all users. Please read the notes included with each part (and there are 5 parts for both the English and German versions) to determine if you need to download that part. From the change log:
Build 1.09.10

Correct corrupted shutdown window in eStyler Lite German edition.
Add support for Daniela's latest IDE drivers.
Obtain OS2*.INI file location from CONFIG.SYS.
Reorganize the documentation.
Remove change log entries prior to 1.09.0.
Add the option of deleting the current setting of the ECSPRO variable in ecsecsupdt.ini.
Integrate the ecsprep.cmd function into ecsupdt.cmd.
Add support for German SMP installation.

Build 1.09.9

Added logic to deal with invalid lock file lists.
Load message files into storage as needed to speed access and circumvent problems dealing with IBM message file restrictions.
Removed all update descriptions from ecsupdt.ini file.
The fix for OS2DUMP (PJ28457) will be applied as part of the Serenity updates when a fixpack is applied.
Add support for backing out of German fixpacks.
Added support for installation of UPG8605 Peer update (German).

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 Driver Updates
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[Arca Noae] ACPI Driver Package version 3.23.11 released
 (March 09, 2019)

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