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Version 4.5 of bootAble released

March 26, 2007 by Hayo Baan

Hello bootAble users,

After a relative long period of no updates, here's a third one in two weeks :-)
Version 4.5 is a feature update: I've finished the integration of the Microsoft Virtual Machine Additions! As always, you can download bootAble from

The complete change log of the last three updates is found below.

v4.5 (26/03/2007)

* Added integration of the Microsoft Virtual Machine additions (MSVMADDITIONS).
Note: for the mouse integration to work, the GENGRADD driver should be used (VIDEODRIVER=2).

v4.4.1 (23/03/2007)
* Fixed order of questions for burning a CD/DVD with CDRECORD/DVDDAO, some questions weren't asked even though later answers would have triggered them;
* CDRECORDCLEANDIRAFTER did not remove the directory itself, now fixed;
* CDRECORDCLEANDIRAFTER incorrectly tried to remove a CD writen to with RSJ;
* Adapted the mkisofs parameters to be compatible with older releases of the mkisofs software (CDRECORDMKISOFSOPTIONS - thanks, Doug Bissett);
* Made bootAble (again?) compatible with the "old" mkisofs.exe (thanks, Doug Bissett);
* Adjustments to bootAble.emxrt: it now ignores errors from non existing files in emxrt/doc and emxrt/etc (thanks, Doug Bissett);
* Doug Bissett updated configMaker.cmd, it now lets bootAble choose it's own TEMP directory.

v4.4 (13/03/2007)
* Now cleaning-up temp image files after creating the ISO file or burning the CD/DVD (CDRECORDCLEANDIRAFTER);
* You can now separately specify whether or not the Enhanced Editor (EPM) should be added to a WPS system (WPSEPM, used to be included with WPSAPPS);
* Fixed bug in dirExists funtion, it now also correctly recognizes drives/root directories as valid. As a result, the SEARCHPATH can now contain root directories as well;
* Fixed bug with location of PEER related files when cloning a CD/DVD to a (maintenance) partition (CLONECD);
* The script now ignores errors when determining the cdrecorder device (cdRecorderDevice function) when only an ISO will be created (CDRECORDCREATEISOONLY='Yes');
* cloneCD.cmd will not automatically add asked questions to the previously used file anymore as this could fail if the path does not exist on the booted system, and could be undesirable anyway (WRITEASKEDTOFILE and WRITEASKEDTOFILENAME);
* For the same reason, bootAble now removes the SIO logfile parameters in the default situation (SIOSERIALPORTOPTIONS, SIO2KSERIALPORTOPTIONS, SIO2KUARTOPTIONS).

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