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eCo Software newsletter, 200704

May 02, 2007 by Eugene Gorbunoff

In the beginning of the spring we updated: ACPI subsystem, eComStation kernel, USB Tools homepage, Hardware database, General Network Utilities, PMDownloader, eSchemes gallery, Panorama video drivers, Piano Launchpad & Imagination, Calculator for millionaire, Firewall ports setup, LANGE library.

Why have died OS/2 in 1997? Because companies have withdrawn the money from OS/2 market.
Why eComStation is growing fast today? Because companies and users are investing the money and efforts into creation of native software and drivers.

1. ACPI drivers (Download from BETAZONE)

* Follow this roadmap if installing multiprocessor support: a) disable audio, networking, usb, etc. b) run in PIC or APIC mode, c) activate drivers and devices one by one.
* Collaboration with developers of Intel Corporation allows improve ACPI support for eComStation

* ACPI.PSD 2.20 -- uses the latest Intel source code. Better support of embedded controller, mutexes to allow active usage of ACPI. Brings new functions for developers of device drivers.
* This version is recommended for owners of Thinkpad T40 (with latest BIOS), owners of computers with bad ACPI tables. Test /EIS switch. If PC hangs then try SMP kernel (stack is larger if running SMP kernel)
* New APM.ADD 1.12 (requires ACPI 2.20),
* New ACPI snooper (requires ACPI 2.20), You need it if running Core 2 Duo in APIC mode or to solve IRQ conflicts
* If ACPI 2.20 doesn't boot then wait for update (should be released in May 2007)

Some ACPI utilities are updated:

2. Workplace shell extenders

* Personal Cards Manager -- improved NLS support --

* eSchemes -- internal beta-version is released

* eSchemes gallery updated --

* eSchemes Deluxe - our effort to improve navigation by eComStation Desktop.
Whatsnew: PDF preview for files touched by Lucide viewer;
You can feel the advantages from this extension if using Lucide and D during 1-2 monthes.

We have spent many efforts to improve the installation procedure of eSchemes Deluxe. There are so many versions of OS/2 and eComStation.. so many different configurations.
To compensate your patience, we created Piano Launchpad. This Launchpad is useful even if you have eCenter on the Desktop. Piano Launchpad brings large icons to Desktop, has auto-hide feature.

Screenshot: Piano Launchpad

* Backup/restore - to update or duplicate the Launchpad.
* Disable frames, reduce intervals
* New icons for OS/2 desktop (simple, non vulgar)

3. Video drivers

eComStation community was near to catastrophe. Any critical situation makes us search for alternative ways. We published two video drivers:

* Panorama ATI R200 - for ATI Radeon 7000 - 9250 adapters (2D acceleration, color hardware cursor, etC)
* Panorama VESA (BETAZONE) - super fast universal video driver. It is useful for owners of modern videoadapters: ATI X1950, Intel X3000 and NVidia. Works fine on Multi core notebooks and desktops.
* Panorama widescreen activators - Robert Lalla is working on widescreen activators for adapters with ATOM BIOS, Intel adapters.

Homepage of Panorama drivers --
Join the forum to discuss Panorama VESA --

4. Keyboards, remote controls

Central Remote Control gathers events from TV remote controls, notebook buttons, USB-keyboard multimedia buttons and translates them to commands for multimedia applications --
CRC release is delayed again. The only way to push the developers is purchase more licenses of CRC.

Bonus application "Calculator for millionaire". Why switch to CalcMi?
* CalcMi allows you to enter mathematical formulas and see the result on-the-fly.
* Drop Arial 14 font, press F1 to see the list of supported functions

5. Toolkits for developers

* LANGE library for multilanguage support -- (useful for creation of small native eComStation applications). Contact us of you are going use it.
* Internal alpha 2 of SOM Compiler Pascal Emitter
* EmitLnk - support of Watcom Linker in SOM Compiler (it is aimed to generate LNK files, like IBM DEF)

6. Disk utilities

Download ALVM --
Sometimes it is useful to recreate partitions on flash disks (if LVM shows MsgBox with errors)

7. Internet utilities:

* PMDownloader 1.02 -- You need it to put your downloads in order. URL:
* Fixed semaphore leak, which may cause PM Downloader hang on intensive use.
* Added option to limit number of simultaneous downloads from same host.
* Fixed - download fails when downloading file from root dir on IBM FTPD/2.
* Fixed crash on PM Downloader close while 'view history' window opened.
* Flush file buffers to disk every 10 minutes.

* General network utilities were updated --
The developer is investing time into functionality improvement. Updated utilities: IPinfo, ARPscan. Do you need more LAN tools? Send us your suggestions.

* Traffic Visor III -- This program is intended to analyze IP-traffic in the LAN/WAN using flexible mechanism to count IP-packets by interfaces, sender/receiver addresses, TCP/UDP ports, ICMP-services, etc

* Firewall ports setup (BETAZONE) allows you to protect the PC against infectious Windows

8. eComStation kernel

Please join the testing of new eComStation kernel (BETAZONE). You need it:
* to minimize power consumption on multicore CPU
* if coolers are loud
* Prolong life of your notebook batteries (+ 30 minutes or more)

9. USB applications

We updated the list of existing drivers and applications which control USB hardware --

USB Dock updated (BETAZONE)
* If device doesn't have picture then it's unknown. The program asks users send logs.
* More devices in database

N e w! You can integrate APC UPS (USB) to eComStation power system. Run APC UPS deamon and watch energy level via Battery widget. Your desktop with UPS is working like notebook!! URL: eComStation betazone

We recommend don't touch USB Audio adapters. All resources should be concentrated on HDAudio implementation, USB audio adapters is a fake goal.

10. eCo Software support service

* The hardware database contains more than 1145 reports of supported hardware -- You can post new reports or add notes to published. Now gathering reports about supported Color Laser Printers --§ion=print
* If you have spent much time searching for PPD files (PostScript Printer Description files) then share your collection with PPD Stack --
* eComStation FAQ (russian language) is updated. New answers related to Development, Networking.

11. Additional information:

* Full pricelist of eCo Software products --
* BETAZONE -- How to download ACPI, Panorama, eSchemes? --
* Welcome to eCo Software homepage --
* Previous eCo Software newsletter --

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