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Odin 20110221

February 21, 2011 by

There is a new version of ODIN on the Netlabs FTP server.

ODIN is the Open Source project to provide a win32 API for OS/2 and eComStation. Originally to allow OS/2 users to run Windows 32 bit applications. Now used to port windows applications to OS/2 and eComStation. The Odin runtime is a requirement for the newest developed versions of JAVA and Flash 10 for OS/2 and eCS.

ODIN website:

Debug version:

Odin mailing list archive:

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0.6.21577 (2001-02-21)

Dmitry A. Kuminov:
- iphlpapi: Fixed a crash when building the adapter/interface/address tables
due to a bogus ioctl(SIOSTATRT) implementation in OS/2.
- kernel32: Implemented generating the high/low index values (using a CRC32
and a hash function on the fuill file name) and filling up the volume
serial number in a structure returned by GetFileInformationByHandle().
- kernel32: Implemented GetVolumePathName() API.
- kernel32: Disabled logging exceptions in release builds through RAS since
this involves .sym file reading and significantly slows down applications
that use exception handlers like traps for implementing application logic.
- kernel32: Fixed a bunch of OSLibDos* functions dealing with file names
that passed ANSI strings to the OS/2 APIs w/o first converting it to the
OEM codepage which caused "file not found" errors in various Win32 APIs
like GetFileAttributesEx() on file names Cyrillic, umlauts, etc.
- winmm: Accept handles returned by mixerOpen() as IDs in mixerGetDevCaps()
(according to MSDN) which fixes sound in applications using these IDs.
- dsound: Enumerate the default sound device twice in DirectSoundEnumerate()
(according to MSDN) to make applications relying on this work.

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