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Version 3.1 of bootAble released

March 09, 2004 by Hayo Baan

v3.1 (09/03/2004)

* IMPRTANT: Renamed ADDITIONALCFG to EXTRACONFIGSYS for consistency, check your own configuration files for the use of ADDITIONALCFG settings and change these to EXTRACONFIGSYS;
* bootAble now determines defaults for allmost all settings from the config.sys file, meaning your bootAble.myCfg can now almost be empty except where your bootAble CD (or maintenance partition) should differ from the running system, or where you need to specify your SCSI card(s) (see bootAble.cfg and bootAble.myCfg for details);
* You can now specify to include more files on the boot image instead of the CD. Due to space constraints, this is probably only usefull when using the memdisk boot CD method (OS2APPSDESTINATION, REXXDESTINATION, NETWORKINGDESTINATION, EXTRAFILESDESTINATION, EXTRADLLFILESDESTINATION, EXTRADEVICEDESTINATION, EXTRADIRECTORYDESTINATION.x, EXTRACREATEFILEDESTINATION.x);
* Added option to create a cloneCD command to clone a CD to a maintenance partition using exactly the same options as were used for creating the bootAble CD (CREATECLONDECD and CREATECLONECDDRIVE, CREATECLONECDVERBOSE, CREATECLONECDRAMDISK, CREATECLONECDREMOVEROFLAG, CREATECLONECDDIRECTORY);
Note: due to FAT filename constraints, the cloneCD command always gets created on the CD.
* When using cdrecord, added an option to create a burnCD command (Doug Bissett, thanks for the hints) which can be used to create and write an iso image of the bootAble CD (CDRECORDBURNCMD and other options, see section Using cdrecord+mkisofs instead of RSJ of this document for more info);
* Added ability to add a ramdisk to a memdisk bootAble CD.If added, the ramdisk (instead of the memdisk) is used for the temp directory, desktop, etc.The advantage is that the ramdisk is an HPFS-like drive and not a FAT drive, allowing for long file names etc. To support this feauture, a new setting has been introduced to specify the drive letter of the memdisk (MEMDISKDRIVE);
* Added ability to specify a list-file at all locations where a list of files is expected.The content of this file is then inserted in the file list (see syntax section of this document for an example);
* Instead of a fixed size, you can now also specify the minimum amount of free space on the memdisk boot image by prefixing the MEMDISKSIZE string with a + sign.The default is now to leave approximately 2MB of free space (5MB in case of a WPS system without RAMDISK);
* Added PSFONTS directory on the boot drive to the SEARCHPATH by default;
* Now cleaning-up unnecessary files on the memdisk boot image (e.g., the tar files), the freed-up space is taken into account when determining the MEMDISKSIZE;
* Doug Bissett enhanced bootAble.norman, the log file is now automatically erased after viewing to save space;
* Doug Bissett contributed bootAble.dfsee to add dfsee to your maintenance partition/bootAble CD;
* Added bootAble logo to no floppy emulation boot;
* When creating a maintenance partition with FORMATMAINTENANCE not set, the user is now asked to format the partition;
* Added option to set the DHCP server timeout (TCPIPDHCPTIMEOUT);
* Added fdiskpm.exe for non-lvm WPS systems;
* Added objects for FDiskPM/LVM in the setup folder;
* Added icons to LVM and Refresh Removable Media objects;
* Added verbose level 8 to show INI rc file parsing;
* When using the EXTRADIRECTORYADDTOPATHS setting, directories are now only added once to the specied path(s);
* A temp directory is now also created on a maintenance partition and not only when a ramdisk or memdisk was loaded;
* Added ability to insert the result of a piece of rexx code within ini files ($$@$$, see bootAble.pmdll and bootAblefor.usbres for examples);
* Introduced new function to determine the destination drive, mostly for use within ini file definitions (destinationDrive, see bootAble.pmdll and bootAblefor.usbres for examples);
* Added more config.sys information retrieval functions (configSysContains, configSysCount, configSysOptions);
* Added option to enable the removal of the Read Only flag when copying files (REMOVEROFLAG);
* The savedskf.exe command does not need to be in the path anymore, you can now specify its location via the SAVEDSKFEXE setting;
* HPFS386 files are now found via the searchpath as well;
* Enhanced bootAble.emxrt and bootAble.acrobat, by default they should now be able to correctly find the application root in almost all cases;
* Corrected bootAble.4os2 (4os2.ini got created in the wrong directory);
* Progress messages now more consistently (and correctly) indicate the destination (e.g., Boot Image, CD, or Maintenance Partition);
* Rewrote some of the sections in this document to clarify things better (I hope);
* Moved unicode.sys before all IFS drivers (where it should be...).

v3.0a (23/02/2004)

* Corrected bugs in bootAble.norman, thank you Doug Bissett! (bootAble.norman and bootAble.normanRC);
* Corrections to documentation on small keyboard.dcp, added note on smaller viotbl.dcp;
* No more ea stripping in internal sCopyFile function anymore, saves a little processing time.

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