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Tame/2 0.9.8

July 16, 2003 by Massimo S.

Source: / Klaus Staedtler

We proudly announce the availability of Tame/2 0.9.8, the next step for the only scanning solution for SCSI, PP and USB scanners on OS/2.

Before we go into details we have to say a big THANKS to:
Franz Bakan, for extensive beta testing and Sane 1.0.12 EMX
Pierre-e Gougelet, for the permission to include NConvert.exe
Chris Wohlgemuth for the special drusctrl.dll
Maeda Haruyuki for USB Sane 1.0.12 VAC, beta testing, japanese translation
Michael Baryshnikov for russian translation and intensive tests with HPIICX.
Doug Rickman, for proofreading and code checking
Bjoern Soederstroem for swedish translation.
Guillaume Gay for french translation
Paul Ratcliffe for pr1util.dll
Armin Schwarz from Lone Peak Automation, LLC. for rxxmio.dll
David Iniesta for spanish translation
ADD Consulting for prtgraph
Anybody who provided us with scanner informations and who did beta-tests

Tame/2 is nothing more and nothing less than an bridge between your scanner, Sane (scanner Acess Now Easy), MMOS/2 and your preferred picture painting/drawing/publishing application.

Beyond simply controlling the scan process, Tame/2 supports printing and faxing from scans, uses an OS/2 "light table" to facilitate handling your scanned images, scanning from a queue, and scanning over a network.

Tame/2 currently speaks, croatian, english, french, german, japanese, russian, spanish and swedish (dutch and italian soon to be added)

And it's free

New in version 0.9.8.:
Included Sane versions updated to 1.0.12
Unexpected end of File for Epson 610/640U fixed (exclusively on OS/2)
Installation program
Updated and corrected Scanner.dat
Fixed sliders
Fixed preview
Network scanning configuration added to INF
Skinned wait window with abort
Calculation of image size
Selectable ruler units (mm, cm, inches, pixel, point, pica)
Reduced main GUI for 640x480 screen res
Skinned About screen
Activate SCSI-Bus in setup
Printing/Faxing/PDF-generating enabled
Queued Scanning
Support for scanners requiring units other than mm
Selectable preview size (required for slide-scanners)
On-the-fly switching for adapters
Resolve dependencies
Displaying PNM in preview reestablished
Limit printable scansize to 40MB (so prtgraph.dll doesn't crash)
Check free diskspace
Extended bubblehelp
Update of objecthints.ini if WPSwizard is installed
Lots of minor additions/changes

List of verified and supported scanners:
Microtek Scanmaker 630
Microtek Scanmaker 330
Microtek Scanmaker 636
Microtek Scanmaker V6USL
Microtek Scanmaker X12USL
Microtek Scanmaker X6
Agfa Studioscan IISi
Microtek Scanmaker E3
Microtek Scanmaker E6
Microtek Scanmaker II
Microtek Scanmaker III
Epson 1200
Epson 1640
Epson FS200
Epson GT5500
Epson GT7000
Epson GT9500
Epson GT9700
Epson 1640USB
Epson 1650
Epson 1660
Epson 640U
Epson 610U
Epson 2400 PHOTO
Epson 3200 PHOTO
HP 3+
HP 6100C
HP 6300C
Mustek MFC600S
Mustek MFS6000CX
Mustek Paragon 1200A3Pro
Mustek SE12000SP
Mustek SE12000SP Plus
Trust 19200
Medion MD9890
Mustek SE6000S
Umax Astra 1200S
Umax Astra 1220S
Umax Astra 2200
Umax 12S
Umax S6E
Umax PowerLook III
Linotype Hell Jade
Plustek Optic Pro
Avision AV 620
Avision AV 630
Canon FB620S
Canon FB1200S
Canon FS2710
Sharp JX250
Nikon LS20
Nikon LS1000
Nikon LS2000

Currently known limitations: SIS chipsets don't work with USB scanners, and printers using laserjet.drv can't be used (SYS3175 with prtgraph.dll)

Note: scanner support/scanning quality depends on scanner access now easy (Sane) backends AND user support, cause - as you might imagine - sales income of
Tame/2 doesn't allow us to buy scanners for evaluating. If someone has now the idea to donate us. Don't do it, better spend the money to any volunteer based
OS/2 project like e.g.,, ...
Naturally if anybody wants to get rid of a scanner, collecting only dust, or does not know what to do with, he can contact us.

Goran Ivankovics and Klaus Staedtler

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