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PMView 2000 v2.20 released

October 05, 2001 by Anonymous

PMView 2000 v2.20 released!

PMView 2000 v2.20: A Versatile and Fast Image Viewer and Converter

  • The following features are new in PMView 2000 v2.20:
  • File Sequencer: The file sequencer (PgUp/PgDn in PMView's main window) now follows the sort order and file filter selected in the File Open dialog.
  • File Sequencer: New option that lets you choose whether the file sequencer file list should be automatically refreshed or not. This option is located under "FileàNext/PreviousàFile ListàKeep Refreshed".
  • File Open/Save dialogs: The "Open file:" entry field is changed to a drop-down combo box that holds a list of the 50 most recently used directories.
  • File Open/Save dialogs: Automatic addition and removal of attached/detached disk drives in the folder tree.
  • Printing: PMView now supports printing of all pages in a multi page file (e.g. TIFF). A range selector has been added to the print dialog for selecting what page range to print.
  • Print dialog: New option for setting the number of copies to print.
  • Print dialog: The print dialog has been made more user friendly by replacing the three "Fit" pushbuttons with a list box that lets you select the option you want. The new design allows "Fit page" to work as most users expect and always automatically fit the image to the page (for instance when a margin or the orientation is altered).
  • Display quality: Added dithering in 15 and 16 bit video modes. This addition eliminates visible color stairs in the image.
  • Display quality: New improved ordered dithering gives better image quality in video modes that use 256 colors.
  • Saving, TIFF: New TIFF save option that lets you save TIFF files with only one single data strip. (Some FAX applications require this).
  • General: New option that lets you select whether deleted files should be moved to the Recycle Bin or not. This option is located on the "Special" page in PMView’s options notebook.

The following bugs and problems are fixed in PMView 2000 v2.20:

  • File Open/Save dialogs: Unreasonably slow performance when having more than 10,000 files in the same directory.

  • File Open/Save dialogs: The folder tree does not work correctly with keyboard input. If 'O' is pressed in the file open dialog, PMView will try to open a file instead of changing to the first directory with a name that starts with an 'O'. The same problem also appears with the 'S' key in the file save dialog.

  • File Open/Save dialogs: Double-clicking on a file's file name does not work correctly. Instead of opening the clicked file, the double-click does the same thing as a single click does, i.e. a file rename operation.

  • File Open/Save dialogs: The reference file in the FOC is not changed when loading new files with the PgUp/PgDn keys in the main window. Thus, pressing the SHIFT key and clicking on a file does not give the expected selection. Instead of using the currently selected (highlighted) file as reference, the file that was most recently selected by the user is used as reference.

  • File Open/Save dialogs: Pressing F5 to refresh does not add new drives nor does it remove deleted drives.

  • File Open/Save dialogs, batch conversion: In case the format conversion of a file for some reason fails the template file is not deleted. This may happen for instance if the source file is corrupt or if the file is not a valid image file.

  • File Open/Save dialogs: Container view options are not stored separately for the Open and Save dialogs. (Both dialogs use the same registry settings.)

  • Loading, DCX: PMView cannot read 8-bit DCX files with more than 1 page.

  • Loading, TIFF: PMView will now read 1-bit TIFF files that are missing the required tag 252 (Photometric Interpretation).

  • Loading, TIFF: PMView will now read TIFF files with invalid data in tags 279 (StripByteCounts) or 325 (TileByteCounts).

  • Printing: Printing large images on Win95/98/ME fails with no printer output.

  • General: Error tracing with the /LOG command line switch does not work correctly under Windows 95/98/ME.

  • On-line help: Several errors and omissions in the on-line help are fixed.

Download PMView 2000 below:


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